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Rainbow bridge


The Rainbow bridge

There's a place called Rainbow Bridge. It connects earth and sky. If a beloved animal leaves us, it goes to this very special place. There are green meadows and hills for all our beloved friends. There, they run and play together. There is plenty to eat and drink. The sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm.

All the sick, maimed, injured or old animals are young again, healthy and strong, just as we remember them in our dreams of days gone by. They are happy and satisfied, except for one small thing: each one of them is missing that special someone who is not with him.

They are all running and playing together. But there comes a day when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His body trembles. It leaves the group. It starts to run. His legs carry it faster and faster.

Your friend has discovered you, and when you finally meet again, you are happily united, never to be parted again. Happy kisses cover your face, your hands caress the beloved head of your animal. You see again and again into the trusting eyes of your friend who was so long absent from your life but never from your heart.

Together you are crossing the bridge ...

 (Author unknown, unfortunately)


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BLINDI (female)


I was dumped as a small puppy under a car when my owners realized I had no eyes. I was still a puppy when they brought me to the DRCS. I am the only dog at the shelter who has stayed for ever with Brigitte and I have a special status here so am allowed to sleep in the bedroom with Brigitte, Werner and a select group of cats and sometimes some dogs.

I protect Brigitte and Werner from anything. I am always on alert in case I am needed. I like to chase flies in the garden but am not very successful at catching them. I'm not too keen on the pedicures I am given here.

Unfortunately Blindi passed away. Our thoughts are with her.

During her time at the shelter, the user of was looking after her. Thank you very much!




My name is Bird and I am about 3 years old. I lived on the beach next to the Golden Sand Resort on Lamai Beach. One day I got bitten on my neck by a pitbull which had been trained by a Thai to attack strays. I would not have been that bad if somebody had taken care of me, but nobody did. After two months the wound was about twice its original size and people shooed me away when I tried to beg for some food. Flies deposited their eggs in the wound which turned into ghastly fat maggots. That's the state in which Gisela found me.

She had met me before when staying on Samui. She realized immediately that without help I would not survive. However, she only had one week and knew it would be impossible for me to get well that time. She decided to take me home with her to Germany. Dany and Brigitte from DRCS helped her. They took care of my wound, supplied the transport cage, notified the airline and I also got my vaccination card. I have now settled down in Esslingen. Now and then I still think about the tough times on Koh Samui. Gisela does not regret that she took me home with her. This was in 1989!

2008 - 10 years later - I am very happy with Gisela!

2010 - Bird died.


PRINCESS (female)


I was brought into the shelter as I had bad mange and I hadn't been looking after myself - because of my mange and the itch, I didn't want to eat so I was very thin. At the shelter I was given medicine and slowly my coat started to get better. I moved to the big shelter at Ban Taling Ngam but I didn't like it there so I was brought back to Brigitte's house in Chaweng. Here, I am quite happy to sleep for most of the day, awakening only to wander slowly up to the visitors to sniff them, say hello and accept any of the treats they care to bring. 

Chrissy and Calum were looking after me while I was living at the shelter. Thank you very much!

Unfortunately Princess died and we are all missing around here.

Chrissy and Calum will always remember their adopted Princess.


TIA (male)


I am very old and therefore I am deaf and I don't see too good these days. After I was bitten by another dog, I was taken to the DRCS where I was castrated, my wound was cared for daily and I was treated for mange. I am allowed to stay here forever and I am quite comfortable here. My daily fight for survival in the streets of Koh Samui is all over now.

Tia had a few good years with us and now died peacefully in his sleep.

During the time at the shelter, Liliane from Urdorf in Switzerland was looking after Tia. Thank you very much!


PETER (male)


I have been here at DRCS for more than three years. I came here because I got bitten at the Laguna Beach Hotel by other dogs. Animal friends took me to the DRCS and promised that they would pick me up and take me to Germany. They did not keep their promise. I had a large injury (20 cm long) on my right shoulder and after some months Dr. Somsak tried to stitch the edges together. However, there is not enough fur left and the wound kept opening up. Susanna, a vet from Austria, spent two days of her holidays at the shelter and she closed my wound. It did open up again but is only about 2 cm long. Daeng and Sakda dress it every day. Although I like it here at the shelter, I've been getting a bit stir crazy over the last month or so. I've managed to do a runner several times and it is really funny to watch the helpers and volunteers chase after me. However, life on the market isn't as good as I had hoped so, when I get hungry, I come back to Brigitte's house, then I run away again a few days later.

After a long time a the DRCS Peter suffered from a heart attack. We all miss him very much!

During his time at the shelter, Tanja from Germany was looking after Peter. Thank you very much!


HASE (male)


I found myself an owner a few months ago but, even though I liked them, I was scared of them - I'm scared of all humans because I was ill-treated as a puppy. My owners tried and tried to make friends with me but I wouldn't let them come near. In the end, I was brought back to the shelter. I like people but it takes me ages and ages to get used to them and very few people can be bothered with that.

Unfortunately Hase has died and we were not able to find out what exactly happened to him.

During the time in the shelter, Sandra from Zürich in Switzerland was looking after me. Thank you very much!


COCONUT (male)


Coconut was at the shelter for many years and lived in the outside compound no. 1. Coconut has died and unfortunately we were not able to find out what exactly happened.

During the time at the shelter, Sabine from Belgium was looking after Coconut. Thank you very much!


HUSKY (male)


I was the last dog on Pee Pee Island as the local people there do not like dogs (they think dogs are dirty). Most of my doggie friends there had been poisoned. I came to the shelter but I wasn't happy there. I didn't eat. I got thinner and thinner so Brigitte brought me to her house and that's much more fun. I started to eat again and felt much better. Brigitte says I can stay here for ever.

Husky stayed a long time with us and recently died most likely because of a hard attack. We miss him very much!

In the time he stayed at the shelter, Brigitte and Ben took care of him, thank you very much.


ELLI YAI (male)


An animal loving Thai has found me in a bin in a tiny carton and brought me to the DRCS immediately. There, I have eaten first and then I went to sleep. I have put aside all the memories about how I got into the bin and started looking for a surrogate mother. I was given my name because I came to the DRCS almost hairless. I looked like a small Alien. This became ELLI YAI. Yai means big in Thai. Yes, I became big in the meantime but I do not look like an alien anymore. But it took a long time until the fungus was gone. I had to take pills and a disgusting cream was put on my skin for many weeks. But it was worth it. I have now wonderful shiny fur. I think you can see on the picture that I became a really proud tomcat. 

Elliyai got VIP (a deadly disease cost by a virus) and recently died. We are all very sad to have lost him. During the time at the shelter, Hildegard was looking after him. Thank you very much.


GEORGE (male)


I was brought to the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam by a farang (Thai for foreigner). He didn't want me anymore since I have problems walking properly my back legs are a bit wonky. It's not easy being a (handsome) St Bernhard in Thailand as I'm prone to wounds and it is always too hot for me (the first thing Brigitte did was to have me shaved). After the 'haircut' I felt much better. I now live at Brigitte's house in Chaweng and I like it here very much and Brigitte says she can keep a close eye on me. At the big shelter, the ground is not paved and I constantly wallowed in puddles what didn't really contribute to the wound healing. Here, I am happy, I greet every visitor by paw shake and play with my tall and small friends. Since coming to the shelter, I have fallen in love. Her name is Effi. She is a small, white short-haired dog and I look after her and she looks after me. I keep the bad dogs away from her and she kisses me.  

George recently died without any particular reason. He was found one morning in front of the gate and he looked like he was only sleeping. Unfortunately he never woke up again. We are all very said, especially the puppies miss him to no end as he protected them like no one else.


ALIEN (male)


Some tourists found me with bloody sticky eyes and brought me to Chaweng to the DRCS. There I was examined by the doctor and for a long time I got medicine. The eye drops I will probably needing for the rest of my life. My eyes still get bloody and stick together once in a while. But I am able to see and Ow, one of the Thai helpers, is very anxious to take care of me and all the sick cats in the house. Since I don't like this daily treatment I often hide or run away when Ow is in sight with the eye cream. As I will need lifelong treatment I will surely stay in the house. That's something! The food is supposed to be better than in the cat house in Ban Taling Ngam (I heard)

After a short but strong illness, Alien died and we all miss him very much! During the time at the shelter, Dorothee from Germany was looking after him.


JERED (male)


When I was only two months old and in a pretty bad state, I was found next to the road by some animal-friendly tourists. First they got me to the animal clinic but I didn't need any medicine - I only needed a good and safe place to stay. I've round all that at the Dog and Cat Rescue Center. I quickly figured out how important it is to be good and behaved. That's the only way of getting out of having to stay at the big Shelter in Bahn Taling Ngam after 'the operation'. I gave my best and I am now NUMBER ONE. I'm Brigitte's favorite now and have no worries about the future.

Jerry died after a short but strong illness. We are all very sad and badly miss him.


LIAM (male)


I was brought to the shelter by some Thais who were really angry with me. I had lived on the market where they owned a food stand and they didn't think it was funny that I helped myself with their food - if they had fed me regularly I wouldn't have had to steal their rotten food! I anyway prefer Italian food - pasta. In the shelter I had to undergo an operation so that I cannot make more babies. Now I live together with 20 other dogs. That's very good because the keep me company. Towards humans I am a little shy, except they bring good food (preferably Italian).

Unfortunately Liam passed away.

During his time at the shelter, Carmen from Balzers in Liechtenstein was looking after him. Thank you very much!


TUPAC (male)


I was living on the big parking outside TESCO-LOTUS, waiting for the people with bags filled with food. Unfortunately there were other dogs with the same idea and I got into trouble. Fights outside TESCOS is not welcomed by the people there and so we landed up at the DRCS. At the shelter we got operated and I found my place in compound 9. I have no idea what happened to my old enemy. He was so much bigger and stronger then me anyway so I don't really care much about him. It´s not that bad here at the shelter and food is always available, which is great.

Unfortunately Tupac passed away.

During his time at the sheler, Jannet from Alsberg in Dänemark was looking after him. Thank you very much.


TREVOR (male)


I was brought for castration to the DRCS by my owner. After one week the manager called my owner and had to learn that he didn't want me anymore. The manager explained to him that it costs 50 cent a day to take care of me in the shelter. But my owner did not want to pay a cent. He said that he would bring me to the temple if the DRCS was not willing to take care of me. Luckily, Brigitte thought that I was not strong enough to live at the temple and I could stay in the shelter.

Unfortunately Trevor has died.

During his time at the shelter, Yngvar and Herdis from Oslo in Norway were looking after him. Thank you very much.


FOXI (male)


I had heard the Shelter was a nice place to live (regular food and water and humans to clean up after us dogs) so I decided to move here. I've now been here for about three years and split my time between living in the compound itself and just outside. When I'm outside, I live with another four dogs and, when I get bored with their idle banter, I come back to see Brigitte. When I get bored with the playmates here, it's back outside I go. Maybe it's best that I stay outside with Yellow, Max and Moritz as someone needs to protect the outside gate.

After many beautiful and free years Foxi died.


FLOCKY (female)


I had an owner but he got fed up with me as I needed to go to the doggie coiffeur parlour several times a year. As a result, I was dumped at the shelter. I look like lots of the poodles on the island but, because I'm not a 'proper' poodle, no-one will take me home with them. Pity! C'est la vie!

Flocky was always wondering around the house and on the street. Unfortunately he had a deadly accident as a car hit him. During the time at the shelter, Hildegard was looking after him. Thank you very much.


GIMMI (female)


I lived with Bernie from Germany for two years in a beautiful house. I like Bernie and Bernie liked me. There was another dog in the house (Lala) and we had a great time together. However, one day Lala disappeared and, despite Bernie and I looking everywhere, we couldn't find her. From then on it was only Bernie and me and I missed my playmate. Then life got worse because Bernie had to leave the island as he could not get a job.

The people from DRCS had looked after me for a long time so, because I like humans more than dogs, I was taken to the small shelter in Chaweng. I didn't really like it there so I kept jumping the wall - they may have a 2-metre wall but that was no problem for me. Living in the market was good but I returned to the small shelter every now and then just to say hello. On one of my many sojourns to the market, I had a car accident and Brigitte decided that I would be safer at the big shelter at Ban Taling Ngam (the street isn't so busy there when I jump the wall). It's good down at Ban Taling Ngam as I stay in the main compound and play with the other dogs (Shiva and Emma) all day every day.

Gimmi died after a deadly tick infection. We are all very sad. During her time at the shelter, Eva and her Mom Renate were looking after her.

Bakka mit Blindie 1999
Ganz schön anstrengend mit dem Rolli, aber ich bin sehr schnell damit



I was brought by Kaori from Koh Phangan for castration. However, during my first night here, I jumped over the wall and, while walking around on the streets, I was hit by a car. My back legs were paralyzed and nothing could be done to make me walk again. Because I was so fit and healthy in every other way, the vet would not put me to sleep. I'm glad of that! I was only the 18th dog every to have been taken into the shelter so I have been here a long time. I can get round the compound OK because all the surfaces are smooth and I can look after myself if there's any trouble. I always make sure that I am one of the first to meet any visitors. I like it here except when the volunteers decided I need a bath - they always pick on us paralyzed dogs as we can't run away so quick!

Kaori didn't forget me when she went back to the USA and she bought me a wheelchair - I think I am the first stray dog in Thailand to have such a thing. I've got this because I am very special.

Bakka stayed with us for many years until he peacefully died in her sleep. During the time at the shelter, Hortense was looking after her.

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