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 We have about 350 dogs and 100 cats in our shelter.

Many of them are still looking for a sponsor!

We do not have all the dogs and cats still looking for a sponsor on the homepage.

Once there are not enough doggies to choose from, we will add some new ones.

The Sponsorshhip program is our only source of solid income and therefore we are especially grateful to animal friends who support us with a sponsorship.

If you wish to sponsor a dog or a cat, please look at the photos below and simply contact us via E-mail with the name of the dog.

Dogs still looking for a sponsor clearly ask: Would you like to sponsor me?

On the next pages you can find the dogs and cats who have already found sponsors.



On our RAINBOW-Page you can find all our dogs and cats that have passed away.



We have accounts in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Switzerland, The Netherlands , UK and USA.

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Sponsor a dog or a cat

JACKSON (male)


I used to spend all my time at the market place very close to the shelter in Chaweng for several years. Since I am a super strong and self-confident dog, I was always free to move around and there was never anything like a restricted area for me. Most dogs in the area had too much respect for me, nobody ever got in the way. I followed my nose and landed here at the shelter. The gates are usually open, the people are super nice and there is always enough food and water around. So I just sneaked in and have now been officially accepted and registered. I really like it here and have no desire to wonder around anymore.


Would you like to sponsor me?



MILLIE (female)


Bimbo, Nana and I used to live in a little village with many other dogs and about 40 people, mainly construction workers. We actually had a great time there and loved playing with the kids in the village. This all ended when -for whatever reason- the people from the village had to move. The three of us were hunted down by men we had never seen before and dumped at the shelter. We are all doing alright now and see the shelter in Chaweng as our new home. 


Would you like to sponsor me?





RUBY (female)


My sisters Austria,Ginger and I were born on a beautiful beach and spent the first 3 months of our lives there. Our mom already had countless puppies before since she can not be touched by anyone, she could not be sterilized until today. The restaurant owner from the restaurant where mom lives could not keep us, as there are already enough dogs in the area. So Jay from the Dog Rescue has agreed and - after she had vaccinated us - taken us to the shelter. We are fine here, but we hope that we will be adopted as long as we are still so good looking and young and get our own caring family....

Would you like to sponsor me?





MEGHAN (female)


Lisa, Sarah, Belisa, myself and 3 more sibblings came to the Dog Rescue when we were only 3 weeks old. We were just dropped outside the gate in a little box and could hardly breath in there. We believe that our mama had an accident because she disappeard from one moment to the other and soon after that we landed up in that box. We were taken into the puppy house and got our own room for the first few weeks until we were fully vaccinated. The 3 other sibblings got adopted but unfortunately nobody wanted us. Now we are old enough to be sterilsed and soon after that we will move into one of the bigger compounds at the Rescue Centre. It is a bit of a scary thought to have to leave the puppy house but we were told that all will be fine and that there is plenty of space to run around.


Would you like to sponsor me?




DAMIEN (male)


Bongo and I used to live on the same lovely beach for many years and had an amazing time by the sea. We loved playing in the sand and sometimes we would sneak up on passing tourists and scare them a little. Of course we would never bite anybody but the manager of the new bungalow complex did not find our games very funny and threatened to kill us. Thankfully one of the residents on the beach got in touch with the Dog Rescue and explained the situation. We can now live here in Chaweng at the small shelter and since the gate is open almost all day long, we feel pretty free here. We both have settled in and are thankful to be here.


Would you like to sponsor me?




WALKER (male)


I was dropped at the Dog Rescue when I was still a very young teenager. The people who dumped me were very rude with me, probably because I didn't like to be touched anyway and they had to somehow catch me. It took Jay and Linda a long time to get my trust and to open up. That's probably the reason why I was allowed to stay in the puppy house for much longer then most other dogs. Today I'm a pretty happy young dog, still a bit shy with strangers but I'm having a good time here in the big compound. There are lots of other young dogs to play with and life is pretty alright now.


Would you like to sponsor me?





FREAKY MAMA (female)


I was dropped at the shelter when my puppies were just about 2 weeks old. I had 7 of them and was quite an aggressive mother. Of course I was in shock after we were all just dumped like this and did not trust any human being anymore. Some of my little ones didn't make it, some found a home. Today I still live in the puppy house at the big shelter and have learned to trust people again. I won't let just anyone touch me though but i'm a pretty friendly and funny doggie now.


Would you like to sponsor me?







PHIL (male)


I was taken to the shelter together with my sister Malika. We grew up in a workers camp. We also had a lot of fun on the construction site and had many friends. When the construction project was completed years later, we had to disappear. It took a while before we settled in at the shelter. We had no desire to befriend the other dogs. But then we became aware that we can not change the situation itself, so we changed our attitude and then everything became much easier. Meanwhile, we have settled in well and have found our fun here too.


Would you like to sponsor me?






VITA (female)


My sister Vivian and I stayed at the Chaweng office when we were little puppies and are now allowed to be free just outside the house where the gate is normally open and we can choose if we want to stay in or outside. We both don’t really like people much and do not want to get touched. We are happy just to hang around with the other doggies and wait for some action but we don’t need the human touch. Nevertheless we hope that someone wants to sponsor us.


Would you like to sponsor me?







PABLO (male)


I used to live at a very deserted place where people just keep dropping dogs. Thankfully some animal friends as well as the Dog and Cat Rescue are coming by the place every day and take care of the almost 60 dogs living there. Without them, all those dogs would have no food or water. There is absolutely nothing close by. I never felt comfortable there and the other dogs did not accept me. I was constantly attacked and landed at the shelter with a big wound. Linda and Jay decided to keep me at the Dog Rescue Shelter and Im happy to call it my home now.


Would you like to sponsor me?




BOOGIE (male)


My name is Boogie and I'm one of the so called 'Garden Centre-dogs'. It's very unfortunate and sad that I have to get used to a totally new environment - and this at my age! We (almost 10 of us) used to live at a very big garden centre here on Samui and had a great and loving home. One dark day our owner found herself in some pretty serious trouble because of us and she had to immediately find a solution. Of course she couldn't find a home for any of us and so there was no other place for us to go but the Dog Rescue Centre. We are all trying our best to settle in and make our peace with the whole situation...


Would you like to sponsor me?




MANDY (female)


My owner has just abonded me. He brought me to the shelter and never came back. I guess it's because my eyes suddenly started to turn blue and I could not see much anymore. Unfortunately nobody could help me with this disease. It was very hard at the shelter at first but thankfully Brigitte decided to take me into her house and I love it here. Thank you Katja for visiting me!

Katja from Biel in Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



MORTY (male)


My owner has just abonded me. He brought me to the shelter and never came back. I guess it's because I'm totally blind. Suddenly my eyes turned blue and I could not see much anymore. Unfortunately nobody could help me with this disease. It was very hard at the shelter at first but thankfully Brigitte decided to take me into her house and I love it here. Thank you Marie and Marvin for visiting me!

Marie and Marvin from Dresden in Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!


MOPSI (male)

I have not been long at the Dog Rescue shelter but settled in well already. My owner didn't want me anymore and didn't really care much what was happening to me. I guess I got a little too old for them and on top of my agae i'm as good as blind. I'm lucky to be allowed to stay in Brigitte and Werners' house where it hardly feels like a real animal shelter even though there are a lot of other dogs and cats but they don't bother me at all. I'm here to stay...and relax.

Petra and Dirk from Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!



CHARLIE (male)

Nobody here does really know what happened to me before I came to the Rescue Center. I don't even want to think about it anymore! What's important is that I have a good and happy life NOW. I was dumped outside the Dog Rescue and even though I can't really use my back legs anymore, I have a fun life here with all the Dog Rescue people, the cats and the other dogs. I have no pain and have become a star in Brigitte and Werner's house.



Petra and Stefan from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

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