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Nathalie from England

Marcus and Eva from Germany

Emma from England

Brigitte from France with Huski, Felix and Fanta

Tina from Denmark helped for more than one and a half years every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the shelter.

Ben a vet student from the U.K.

Jowana and Cecilia from Sweden

Emma from Sweden

Anjanee from Switzerland

Tina and Benita from Sweden

Natalie from UK

Elisabeth from Austria

Frank from Germany

Carmen from Germany

Hellen and Russel from England

Frank from Germany with Schlawiner (Schlawiner ist now living with Frank and Kathrin in Germany)

Flori and Ronan from France

Petra from Germany took photos from ALL our dogs and cats!

Andrea from Switzerland

Giorgia from Italien

Michel and Franziska from Switzerland

Tom from Switzerland

Tom from Switzerland

Anke from Germany

Annegret and Corina from Germany

Meike from Germany

John, Jen and Tim - 3 vets from England

Angela from the netherlands

Gay from Thailand, Toni from England and Angela from the netherlands

Gaby from Germany

Karen from England

Dee, a vet from Australia

Genevieve from USA, who has painted wonderful dog pictures on our wall.

Inga and Bird from the netherlands

Roos from the netherlands

Freya from England


Lydia, Friederike and Franzi from Germany

David from England

Daniela and Thorsten from Germany

Katharina from Denmark

Rainer, Günter, Bärbel and Rebecka from Germany

Tic from Thailand

Mike and Louisa from Australia

Therese and Lena from Sweden

Gosia and Agata from Poland

Asgar and his Team from Denmark

Kaoru and Makoto from Japan

Bärbel and Günter from Germany



Bärbel, Rainer, Natascha and Günter from Germany

Judy and Claire from England and our helpers Ow and Thai

Bettina, Elena und Romy from Germany

Katharina, Anne-Sofie, Tina and Line

Johanna from Germany


Craig and Rhiannon from Australia

Georg and Jacqui


Volunteers from Denmark

Stephanie from Belgium

Linea and Linea from Sweden

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