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Martin from Sauerlach in Germany



Thankfully there are often Tourists on Ko Samui that want to help. Sometimes, animal friends give up their whole holiday to work for DRCS. Others are living on Koh Samui and help DRCS regularly.

Volunteers are always welcome. Even if its only a few hours or one day, for us and the animals it is always a huge help.

HERE you can find an VIDEO about he work as volonteer.

HERE youn can find more infos about the work as volonteer

Steffen from Treuenbrietzen near Berlin

Rob from Ireland

Allison from Scotland and Nita from Australia

Sascha from Switzerland

Andreas from Germany

 Zoe and Miles from UK

Monika from Switzerland

Brigitte and Peter from Germany

Manny and Gardy from Germany

Claire and Sonja from Germany neutering one of the 16 cats that day

 Zoe and Miles from UK

Didier from France

Cat, a vet from the U.K.

Isolde and Marlous from the Netherlands

Sandra from Germany

Emma from the UK

Jacky from England

Cloe from England

Dany (from DIVEPOINT) from Dive Point) is one of our regular volunteers

Allison from Scotland

Rob from Australia (Studies Animal medicine)

Linda from Schotland

Jay from Switzerland

Jay from Switzerland

Janine from Switzerland

Tina from Dänemark

Tresilla and Andy from UK

Susanna, Susanna and Sacky

Christian, Veronique, Laemmi and Posty

Karen and Nick from Scotland

Andreas from Germany

Holly from Canada

Camilla from Norway

Judith from Holland

Silvia from Austria

Imke from the Netherlands

Kaisa from Finland

Fiona from Shanghai

Kevin from Shanghai

Amber and Jay from the US

Jurate from Norway

Nadja from Hong Kong

Katharina from Denmark

Anneliese form Germany

Adrian from the UK

Hussein and Ina from Germany

Anna and Frieda from England

Friderike from Germany

Martina, Christina and Thomas from Germany



Shosanna and Carlo from England

Volonteers at work: Linda, Johanna, Sarah, Daniela and Thorsten.

Tyher and Cathrin from England


Sarah from Germany


Linda from Germany

Ida from Holland

Joyce, Samantha, Pat and George from England

Allison from Scotland and Hanna from Sweden



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