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These dogs and cats found a new home overseas

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Please, dont leave me here! Bring me with you home!


Gloria, one of our volunteers decided to bring Samui with her home to Canada!


Im allowed on the sofa. This is amazing.


I love a ride in the car with my new friend!



Beate adopted me to Austria



My last swim on the beach in Samui togeth with Beate and my best friend!


Secure so the cat dont get me! Or is it the other way around maybe?


Now I can close my eyes without beeing scared!

Thanks Beate for adopting me!


Look at me! I am beautiful with a very thick fure! Starts to getting cold here. I did not even know that I had so much fure.


And the best of all! I am sooo happy, look how nice I always smile!





Klaus & Alexandra will give me a forever home in Germany!

Cant wait to fly overseas!




Soon I will fly to Ulrike in Austria! I am so excited to get a forever home outside Thailand.  



Finally, I am now together with my new mama in Austria!


I love her so much and she loves me!


I am living the dream! Sometimes a bit cold but worth every single moment with Ulrike!


Soon I will fly to Birgit in Germany! I can not wait!


Andrea found me in Koh Phangan and want to bring me with her to Austria! But I dont know what Austria is?



I will soon fly to Christina & Rolf in Nördling


You dont leave me here, do you?

Yes I do! You Love Brigitte & Werners bed!

Just kidding, Of couse I dont leave you! You are coming to!


Inna found me in Lamai and decided to take me with when she is going back to Berlin! Now I just have to wait!





Sarah adopted me and gave me a lovely home in Germany!




YEEEEEAH! The time has come! Time to jump on that plan and fly to Brigit in Germany!



Im also going to lovely Brigit in Germany


I found a new home oversea in Germany! Lisanne & Daniel adopted me. I am so excited to see the world!




I am one of a kind here! A lucky one of a kind! I will fly to Hervet in France now!





Ellen gave me a new life in Germany! I am very happy!


I have been waiting a looooong time. Finally, I am old enough to fly to my lovely Heinrich and Anja in Germany


I love to ride the car! It is so relaxing!

Anja & Heinrich, Thank you so much for adopting me!

I feel so safe!


And I got a new best friend. We relaxe together!


Me and Lady will fly to our Dominique in Germany soon!



Now I dont want to wait any more. I miss my Dominique.

Soon I will fly!


Im now living with Stefanie in Switzerland! I am soooo happy!

Autumn in Switzerland with Stefanie! 


I got a NEW name! My name is now ARES!


I love my new life! Thank you Stefanie for adopting me!



Time to go home to my lovely Gisela! I am sure she will give me an amazing life!  


After a couple of month in the cage and in Stephanies room I finally made it out and a way to Germany!

 Lovely Toni and Luca adopted me! THANK YOU.


Today is my lucky day! I will fly in an airplane to Philipp and Stephanie to a big city called Berling, or was it BERLIN! Wihoo!


Daniela is a lovely person. She adopted me to Germany!



Me and my girlfriend Sunny-Saree will go together to Sascha and Daniela in Germany. It´s so amazing I dont need to leave her behind!



Thank you Sascha and Daniela for making our lives better.

We love you long time! Ciao Thai thai!


Agnieszka and Tim found me at Cocopalm in Maenam!

They loved me from first sight!!! And decided to adopt me to Germany!


A few days before christmas I arrived in Germany. We had an amating walk in this lovely place!

Now I have a good, loving home with people that spoil me!

I love you, My, only my family!



Samuel fall in Love with me at DCRS and have been waiting soooo long to get me home to Sweden!


Finally I am home in Sweden and like to stay close to my friend Simba!



Mikaela and Simba also loves me! I have been waiting for this  LOVING arms! I am the happiest girl in the world!

MY forever family!


Stephan gave me a warm, loving forever home in Germany. woooaw!


Suri relaxed in her new home in Germany!



Bernd was brought to us by Beate, who saved him from his pack. Since he was attacked by this and they had already bitten off his tail. Now he has found a nice new home on Samui.

During his time in the shelter Thomas from Switzerland was taking care of him. Thank you very much!


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