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These dogs and cats found a new home overseas


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Thorsten takes me do Germany



Wie man sieht, geht es mir bei Katja und Hündin Bianca
in Ansbach sehr gut.




Ich habe mich bei Hervé
auf Korsika schon gut eingelebt
und fühle mich Pudelwohl.



Narcis hat mich von einem Sonnenland
zum Nächsten gebracht.
Ich lebe jetzt in Barcelona, Spanien.


Zwischenstopp am Hamburger Flughafen. Alles ist so neu!


Ankunft bei Sylvia in Holland.
Danke, dass ich jetzt bei dir leben darf.

Dear friends,

Greetings from Holland. All is well , very well.

Thanks to my travelmate Kai -  who brought me to Hamburg with him I live in Holland now. My New owners picked me up.

 It was a long trip - But I Made it without problems. It is a bit cold here I sleep on The couch on a blanket.

 I have a New name..Bobby.

 It All worked Out For me, so please All - be a travelmate and of you fly to Germany or Holland from Thailang - bring one of my dog friends.

 Thank you For making me better - Thank you For taking care.

 All the best





Thank's Dagmar, that you take me,
Sarre and Loki to Germany






I live now on the side by Romina in Germany


I am now a real hamburger.
Thank you Sonja that you took me to Germany
although I have only three legs.


I feel just like a might in the big Saint Louis - USA

Thank you very much David for bringing me home with you!


Soon I will live with Mette in Copenhagen - Denmark. Thanks for making my life wonderful! 

My first day in Copenhagen!

Finally I am in Mettes arms again!

Was worth waiting for!



Janessa and Greg picked me up at Samui Paradise. It is a really dangerous place for dogs because they just dissapare over night! I was one of the lucky ones that got a forever home!




Here are my new partens!

I was one of the lucky ones at Samui Paradise who got a forever home!

Me and my new brothers!







Martin fall in love with me and he will bring me to Poland!

Autumn in Poland is fantastic!

I have a nice forest to play in with Martin

and he often brings me to the beach! Almost like Thailand but not so warm!




Ceylan adopted me to spain.

Now I can pretend to be the real mexican dog I am.

Atleast we use the same language




Now adays I live with Remik in Berlin. Thanks for adopting me!



Petra brought me from Koh Chang to Finland.


I love my new friends! The like to cuddle with me!



Petra brings me often to this beautiful place close to the water!



Soon I will fly to Gabriele & Uwe in Germany.



Together with my best friend Cara I will also go to Gabriele and Uwe in Germany.





As ready as I can be! And really happy!!!

 I am in Germany in about 13 hours!


Kevin & Janine gave me a beautiful life in Germany!




I am so excited to fly together with my friends Cara and Joy!



We are ready to finally go home to our loving forever homes!






Gabriele, Uwe and Germany I see you soon!


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