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These dogs and cats found a new home overseas


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Tong Daeng on Koh Samui when I was found on the beach by Jeroen and Marcelle from The Netherlands


(now TJOEMA) one year later in Finland


Hurrah, now I am in Italy.

Eight happy ones which found a new home.

= 50 kg with cage!



6.1.2004 King Lupo in Switzerland


In August 2005, as I flew to Switzerland, I met Stella Lamai for the first time. She was also moving from Koh Samui to Switzerland. As soon as we arrived in Switzerland, we were taken to the beauty parlour. Luckily, all I needed was a pedicure and some ear cleaning.




On the 7th September 1998, I was brought to Gisela in Esslingen with the help of the DRCS. I’ve been living with my Gisela for 10 years now and I’m loving it! By the way, I was the first dog being sent to Germany with the help of the DRCS. Without the DRCS surely Gisela would have had to leave me back in Samui and I would probably be dead by now. You can read more about my story under Dog stories Dogstories


Samui Song is in Finland


In August 2005, I headed from Koh Samui to Switzerland. As soon as I arrived there, I was marched off to the beauty parlour for a much-needed haircut. However, I'm not sure if I like my new look. Also, I can't understand why they call me Serafina now! For me, the most important thing is that I now have two loving owners and, for all dogs in the World, that is the most important. Maybe sometime I will meet up with Kiu, that attractive boy dog I met on the plane!



Hello, my name is Sternchen (little star). Marcus and Eva took me to Germany to find me a new owner. They could not keep me themselves as they have already 6 dogs of their own. Naturally, Marcus´ grandma fell in love with me and took me home with her where I am very happy now!


That was my warm welcome at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. Eva and Marcus came as well to surprise Inga and Dawid who adopted me. Of course, I kissed Inga right away!




Hi, my name is Spot and I now live with Maria and Torbjörn in Sweden. In summer, I attend garden parties and, in winter, because it is so very cold, I like to sleep on my satin bed!


I now live with Maria and Tobbe in Sweden. Above you can see some pictures of SPOT. He was brought from Thailand to Sweden a few years ago. We really like each other and it's cool that we've got the same roots and speak the same language.

- Spot already speaks Swedish, I'm still working on it though... SPOT five years later, still happy in Sweden.


Hi, we are Chewbacca and Sua and we love Nadine and Marc who rescued us from the killer island Koh Phangan. In Switzerland, it is a little bit cooler, but the food is of a very high quality!! We love it!!


Hello, we are Schlawiner and Suzie and are both living with Kathrin and Frank in Germany now! We get along great and are very grateful that Katrin and Frank not only brought us to Germany, but also brought us together.


Hello, I am Sammy and I am happy that I could spend Christmas in Germany many times already. I hope there will follow a lot more...


Shy is in Germany now!



Hello, I am Sida. I'm a female dog, approx. 2years old and got my operation done already. Marcus and Eva met me for the first time at Brigitte's shelter as I was 8 months old. I was very devoted and followed them everywhere. After an accident my bag leg was grown back together in the wrong way. But never mind, I'm still able to run pretty fast! I live now in Germany



Hello, my name is Rosina an I now live with Martina and 5 other cats in Germany. Since I am the youngest of the pack I love to tease the others and play all day long. I am very grateful that I can now live with Martina.  Später kam dann noch Eowin dazu. natürlich auch auch Koh Samui. HERE you can read more about Rosina and Eowin.



Here in Germany you can see the fish only behind glass and you can't even hunt them. Also, everyone has to wear funny red caps!
...and everyone is wearing some strange red huts.
Natalie, Thank you very much for all your efforts to get me to Germany!


Hello, I am Socke (formerly Buri) and I now live with Bärbel and Günter in Germany. Some animal friend have missed me at the Buri and several rumours were spreading. If they only knew how great I am here!!


In 2003, Bärbel and Günter took me from the Chaweng Buri and gave me a home in Germany. Now as they move to Samui, of course I can go with them!


Hello, my name is Lamai and I now live in Germany together with Heike and Hilmar. They have brought Tody from Turkey so that I am not alone. We get along great! We are all a big happy family now.


Hello, I am Lisa and I am very grateful that Eva and Sven took me to Germany.


I really like it here a lot… but what is all that white and cold stuff all around here?


Hello, my name is king and that was an exhausting trip. But I am very grateful that Patricia and Roger took me to Switzerland.

Meanwhile, I have recovered from the long journey and have settled in very well. I just love it here!


Hello, my name is Mai Thai and that's how my new family greeted me in Frankfurt. I am very grateful that Regina and Uwe got me to Germany and found a very nice new home for me.


Meanwhile, I have settled in and found my place.

And it is just so much fun to play with my pal Nina.


Hello, I am Jimmy and I am very grateful that Caro took me home to Munich, Germany. But I was even happier that we spent our holidays in Ibiza.
I had a lot of fun playing on the beach or relaxed sleeping in the sand. That was absolutely great!


Hello, my name is Tao Othello and I now live with Billy and Kathleen in Germany. The black dog on the picture is my neighbour and friend Senta.  
That's how I will celebrate Christmas every year from now on. With my new family!


This is me on vacation at the East coast. Yes, even dogs need some vacation. Since I got to Berlin, every day I've worked as a therapy-dog at the old people's home. I'm really enjoying my work even though I have to say that nothing can top fooling around in the sand.
The water is of course too cold for swimming. Senta doesn't quite agree. She's been swimming and playing in the water like a dug. I believe she's got no idea how comfortable warm water can be. We've had a lot of fun!

HERE you can see even more pictures of me!


Hello, I am Mae (the left one on the picture) and I am now in Switzerland with Jacqueline, Pascal and Janis. I wouldn't have thought so but I really do like the snow very much! And sleigh-rides I love especially


Hello, I am Paris, but everyone here calls me Gizmo. I now live with Alex and Isi in Germany and I am the coolest dog of Schweinfurt. When it gets too cold here I just go to bed and nestle into it.


This is my new "boss" Isi. He will always carry me on his arms.


I was living with Cherry in a Bungalow at the Buri in Chaweng. Now I live with Daniela and Stefan in Rheinfelden, Germany.


Hello, my name is Nike and I now live with Estella and Ted in Switzerland. Now I roll around in the grass instead of sand!


DThat's me with my new family. When we go for a walk I explore Switzerland and learn Swiss German.

Nike is enjoying his new life


Dingli and Judy- We both used to live on the beach of the Central Bay on Chaweng Beach until Susanne took us with her to Munich. We both prefer it here for sure! The food is so typical German- lots of meat!


Hello, we are Mike and Leonardo and we finally made it to Frankfurt in Germany. From here we are travelling by train further north. Someday we will even fly to Sweden. Hello, we are Mike and Leonardo and we finally made it to Frankfurt in Germany. From here we are travelling by train further north. Someday we will even fly to Sweden.  


This is my new home in Sweden!



I live with Kerstin in Übach-Pallenberg, Germany.


Ready to fly, new haircut and off I go to Germany!


I have settled in very well with my new family here in Germany, I even had my first experience with snow. I have everything under control over here and twisted them all around the finger with my charme. I often go jogging with Svenja and have already found a few girlfriends.  

When it comes to open windows, one has to take good care of me so I don’t just head off exploring the world. Since my arrival here, the birds have left the garden – it is my territory now.

I have already been trained a few things inside the house; things like sit, lay down and how to give the paw. Outside however, I will still need some time.

I have already learned to comfortably go on a leash.

We have scheduled some more training hours in the new year and once I know how to behave, I will be going to Agility with Svenja.

Best wishes to all my Doggie-Friends in Thailand. I hope that they will find their own home soon too.




I now live in Germany with Swenja. First I didn't know what to do with this strange white water called snow but now I absolutely love it





I now live with Sarah in Hamburg and my world is good again. Sarah used to be a volunteer at the DRCS when she fell in love with me and took me home.


I now live with Astrid and Berndt in Holland.


Natural lives now with Marco in Germany. 


I lived a lot of years at the Central Bay but then Claudia came and fell in love with me. Now i am happy with her in Swiss. Maxi, a colleague of me, also had a lot of luck and lives now in Finnland.



Max and Luna live happily with Geli and Berthold in Germany.





I am GINA and live at the shelter. However, not for long. I’m waiting for my flight into a happy future. I was hanging around on Lamai-Beach, waiting for tourists to feed me. Unfortunately not very successful, thanks to all the dog-packs on the beach which constantly attacked me. If it wasn’t the other dogs,

some aggressive Hotel-gardeners would run after me with their brushes.

When I reached the beach of the Weekender Hotel, I was already pretty weak and it was easy to catch me. Silvana from Niederglatt who was staying at the weekender, decided to take me to Switzerland. Like in most hotels on the island, the weekender didn’t allowed me to stay around the hotel area so I couldn’t stay there much longer.



Johanna brought me from Koh Phangan to Samui. We are now waiting together until the departure in 3 months.


Ich werde hoffentlich bald zu Elke, Christina und Winnie nach Niederzier umsiedeln. Sie haben sich sehr virl Mühe gemacht mich von Koh Mook nach Samui zu bringen und so werden sie mich sicher nicht hier im Stich lassen. Ich freue mich schon sehr darauf sie wieder zu sehen.



Very soon Martina is going to pick me up, she wants to share her bed with me and a lot of other cats. Why I was abandoned and brought to the shelter, I can still not understand. Once my fur looks pretty again, I’m sure I will be popular again. But for how long? This crazy fur keeps growing and in with no time I’ll be looking like a matted carpet again.




Johanna and Ed have chosen me for one of their friends in Hollan. I used to live on the beach in front of the Lagoon Bay in Chaweng. I was sick and totally thin and needed help.




Nobody realised that I was having my babies under a bungalow at the Weekender Resort in Lamai. If Silvana hadn’t brought us all to the shelter, the Manager of the hotel would have let us disappear, which would have been the end for sure. My beautiful babies have definitely a good chance to find a new home and I will soon fly to Silvana in Niederglatt/Switzerland.



Andi took me from Germany to Koh Samui but he unfortunately had to leave the island again and didnt know that dogs need an anti-rabies-test before leaving Thailand. I am now called a Thai dog and got to wait until I can be reunited with Andi. The waiting period after the blood test is 3 months.




I used to live in the mountains of Chiang Mai and already had my first test flight. Now I'm waiting at the shelter for my flight to Jürgen, Bettina and Anujulie. Surely that won't take forever..




Bernadett promised me to pick me up and bring me to Hungary-that was 2 months ago. Well, maybe she will still come, I won't give up hope. As long as I can remain in the flight compound, my chances are pretty good.



FINALLY I will fly to Arnd in Germany!

Here I am in amazing Germany!


Soon I will fly to Eva-Maria in Germany!


are now living a really happy life with Nicole in Germany




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