The story about Tina

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Hello, I was born in Koh Samet (also an island in Thailand, but far away from Koh Samui – close to Pattaya). Annelie and Rainer first got me with great difficulties to Bangkok, then to Koh Samui and finally to Germany. They fell in love with me on the beach in Koh Samui and didn’t want to leave me with an uncertain destiny.

It’s almost been a year (21.01.06), since I picked up Tina at your house in Chaweng. Even though she had a fungal infection and looked like she’s been moth-eaten, I keep telling Rainer that the fear will grow back. But it turned out to be the least of our problems.

Right after we arrived in Gauting (Saturday), Rainer and I went with the dog to the vet and got cream and bath tincture against the Ringworm. The following Monday I had to go back to the vet with Tina because she had very high fever - got antibiotics – fever down – 2 days later high fever again –antibiotic injection –fever down –Saturday fever back up. The vet didn’t take any blood tests, even though I advised her that the dog was from Asia and that she might have got a `tropical disease`. On Saturday, one week later and meanwhile with a pretty apathetical dog, I had to contact another vet. She immediately told me that I had to go to the animal clinic in Weilheim with the dog as she showed symptoms of distemper. So we drove there and the blood tests showed that Tina would have most properly lived only another 2weeks. Infusions, new antibiotics and 3 daily trips to the animal clinic in Weilheim were necessary. Further treatments could be done by the vet close to us.

Because of all the driving around (about 1hour to Weilheim), Tina got really sick of driving in the car.: The saliva was dripping down her mouth until she started vomiting. Easy to understand though, as she came directly from the island and had to go through the shock of civilisation. After bringing up the tin and dry food twice, Tina stopped eating any of it.

What to do now? As she was still on antibiotics she desperately needed to eat something. So I started cooking for Tina.

The highlight was when we did the ringworm treatment -bath session. As I also got a fungal infection, it didn’t matter so much that not only Tina but also myself got a proper bath. After the bath Tina was lying in front of the heating covered in warm towels. So far so good.

As it got colder here, I tried to put an old pullover over Tina. She let me do it but she looked like Quasi Modo, as I knotted the wide pullovers together what looked like an unfortunate hump.

So for the first time I bought a doggy-coat, of course with plastic-sheepskin on the inside. That’s how we waddled with Tina through the snow and it looked like she was enjoying herself. There was a huge amount of snow, Tina was basically brought from the sandy beach to a land covered with snow.

Tina was not the only sick one in the house. My mother came to visit at the end of October 05 to feed our cat while we stayed in Bangkok. During that time she was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided to get the treatment done here. So all the worrying about Tina was a good diversion from her own illness.

Tina often went to my mother’s room to get a good snuggle and as she felt better, my mother was terribly amused by watching Tina rolling around in the snow.

My mother went back to Trier in March, we still had snow and there was no prospect of improvement. Tina still didn’t like travelling by car and got totally stressed. What to do about that? A lot of patience and all the tips we could get from the others.

We quickly realized that a sailing vacation was the last thing Tina would need right now. So we got ourselves a camper (mobile home). She wasn’t highly excited about it but much more comfortable for long distance drives.

Tina is just entering the room with her beloved chewing bone. Meanwhile her blood results are great, she’s eating tin food again and gets spoilt rotten. We were so worried about Tina in the beginning but all the effort was worth it. We definitely don’t regret bringing her here to Germany. She sometimes romps around the garden making everyone laugh, including the neighbours and doesn’t understand why the squirrels don’t feel like playing with her.

Dear Brigitte, I honestly thank you for all your help, support and patience! What seemed almost impossible in the beginning was because of the detailed information very well organised at the end. I often think back to when I was on Koh Samui the week before Tina’s departure.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to visit the big shelter but when I was at your house in Chaweng I could tell what wonderful work you do. Whenever people ask me about Tina’s story I tell them about the DRCS, give them your Internet address and tell them that every little donation can make a difference.

A big thank you once again, also to Werner, Sandra and Wit who drove us to the airport!


Annelie & Rainer

Here am I still in Koh Samui!
And look at me now!
Snow is almost as nice as sand...
...but sand isnīt as cold!