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Red had a bad accident. She was hit by a motorbike. Her right paw was broken several times and could not be saved. It had to be amputated. Unfortunately the healing process turned out to be a difficult procedure and she was left with a huge wound. We almost lost Red. Thanks to the treatments of Dr. Sid, Red could be saved.

The left paw was badly affected too, but could be saved. To speed up the wound healing, we treated her every day with a lacer machine.

This is Dr. Paul from West Perth in Australia. Togeher with Dr. Sid he operated on Red's leg again as the wound got infected and the bones were looking out. He showed and explained the operation methode to Dr. Sid. Red is now doing very well.

January 2010: Red became too big for the house, so she now lives with us in the yard with about 40 other dogs.

Hello I am Persi and I am sharing the same fate with Red. I too had an accident and my leg had to be amputated.