The Story of ROSINA and EOWIN

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In October 2005, my friend and me feed the dogs at the temple during our holiday.
Suddenly in near distance I heard a little kitten weeping during she was crossing the street. I told my friend to look if there would be also a mothercatkin. After feeding the dogs I looked around and saw him standing there with perished cat in his arms saying: „Does she looks like having a mother?” She did not!

We packed her into my little backpack and drew with our motorbike to our bungalow, where she jumped nearly into the feeding dish of the „hotel-tomcat“
I took her in my bed under the bedspread. There she remained the whole night, snuggled up to me.

Next day, we went to the vet. He made a diagnosis of malnutrition, calenture and a big swell caused by a dog bite. The doc gave us antibiotics and worming-paste. The retired tapeworm was bigger than the cat!!


Due to the weather, and of course also because of Rosina, we spent the next 3 weeks lots of time in the bungalow or at the vet. She felt more and more better (Thanks to Dr. Somsak). She eat the whole day like a champion, played with us and froliced in the bungalow. She had to take part everywhere with us and we really felt in love with her. At night she still came to me under my bedspread and the complete time of our holidays she was involved. Fortunately the hotel manager at that time was very animalfriendly and we always got a smile from the employees. Everybody took care, that Rosina could not escape. At the end of our holidays the dicision was made: She has to come with us!
Thanks to the EU-Clauses that s not really very simple.

Lucky me that I knew Brigitte and Werner and the DRCS from previous stays, so we could let her there meanwhile.
From the shelted living in the bungalow, now she had to survice with 30 cats and some dogs. And that all without us! She started to suck and to sink. Brigitte said always: “She starts docking!Apart form that, she felt there really comfortable.
Brigitte and Werner  took care for all the formalities, and after 4 naff month and lots of telephonecalls, we finally can take Rosina from the Frankfurt Airport. Actually she flew 1st Class with Marcus!

At our home she had to arrange herself with 5 other cats. Remarkable she had her problems with it! At Brigitte s house there where many more cats!
Because of presumption and insecurity she always annoyes the others. She is hyperactive and therefore lots of brilliant ideas can cause lot of efforts.

However, EOWIN came! But that s another story from Koh Samui!

Now she found one, to spend time with her in her own kind of being!

She is really a lovely and cuddly hob, and we all love her so much! Not one second I regret my decision and think many times: It s good to be at the right time at the right place!


In September 2007 we came again go Samui. Wi visited Brigitte and Werner where I saw a cage with a kitten lying in it. It looked very similar to Rosina. Of course, I wanted to take her to our bungalow for coddle her up. After a call to  Brigitte (she was at Koh Phangan) Werner gave us the little catkin. The little catkin was brought by a tourist already 2 hours ago, and she was, like all the others, very sick. She had eaten a little bit, but she was coughing nevertheless.

At the Bungalow, Eowin slept the whole night on my pillow. She was really very adynamic and had shortage of breath. Her whole body was trembling. I gave her the medicine I took from Werner and hoped for betterment.

Two days after Eowin s arrival, in the morning the gardener gave me a little red/white cat, turned around and left. I was really baffled.
After stimulating demands, he reported the beach-masseuse, that the cat in the morning stood at the swimmingpool. As the german is really crazy for animals, she would take her to Germany, he thought. Where the hell came the cat from?

It seems, that we were really very popular at the Mermaid! Now we had to cats – Francine & Eowin!

Francine was quite healthy and cultivated. She was very gentle, played a lot and called for food, also if there was some in the feeding dish. Actually the gardener treated her quite well.

Eowin after three days showed not really a betterment and therefore we went to Dr. Somsak. I wanted to change the antibiotic. The vet made the diagnose of a heavy pneumonia, calenture and malnutrition and could not give her the highest chance of survival.
We got 5 different pharmaceuticals which we had to apply on different time rules. Another antibiotic, some against cough, vitamin-B etc.

Francine also got calenture and got Medi´s. With that equipment we could start the fight!

Actually, Eowin felt better got better! She gained weight and stopped coughing. She started playing and smooching around.  The two understood thriving and we all had a lot of fun. Eowin protected and cleaned Francine constantly.
Naturally we had every 3 days for the vet, but this is one of our holidays already seem to yes.
Unfortunately, every holiday to an end once and now what?

Well, if I now have cat 5 or 7, which already makes a difference?
Then the shock hit me! Brigitte had kittens dying in the house and the two could not yet unvaccinated to her. Because of the Antibiotikagabe we were not yet vaccinated.

A German tourist from our facility offered to them for 4 weeks of their stay to take and then inoculated (one of the helpers DRCS would have done) by Brigitte collect it. I was happy and somewhat calmed drove home.
After 4 days, I got an e-mail; the cats would be picked by Brigitte because it would be because of the rain to leave the island. I thought I Spreader! (Afterwards, I learned it is the time stayed there. It was not an aviator 2 days and then heard it on to rain

Brigitte and I thoughtful! Singlebox for at least 4 weeks or take the risk and they take into the house. I decided for the risk and hoped.
First, everything seemed to go well, but then came the bad news. Eowin stopped to eat and had sores in the mouth. Demand on my weight came out that they 1000g to 720g was removed. Sigh!

Werner bought a new mixer and EOWIN was nourished. That was perhaps a theater. They spit everything through the area.

I cried every day and 1.5 weeks after it went up. We breathe at all! (Francine went magnificently however, to me, I needed not worry)

I cried then "only" once every 2-3 days. Everything seemed to be good, then got EOWIN colds and the theater fell from going forward. Forced feeding, weigh and daily calls on my part. She spoke on the antibiotic by Dr. Sid not and I cried when Dr Somsak to me after the first to inquire.

We changed and then it went uphill!

On 30.11. Brigitte told me then that Francine sudden fever and shortness of breath and would get at is dripping. That was a shock! She was vaccinated but now and fit? At night, I got an e-mail that Francine into Brigitte arm died. We were very sad and they will always remember!

Fortunately EOWIN was reasonably healthy again and we waited for flight sponsors. But then everything was under a lucky star. We had in October for Manuel & Tanja and a dog taken to Dusseldorf and the two would now bring EOWIN in March. If this was not a sign!
Brigitte was during the very intensive care in the Little love her and it fell hard to let it go. Respect, I would not go can let her go !

We brought them in from Dusseldorf and also with EOWIN allowed in the cabin travel. Thanks to Tanja for the uncomfortable seats during the 13 hour flight.
Our Small lived immediately in the group as if they've always been here. It is absolutely harmony indigent and has so far not even argued. She rages with Rosina around and cleans the other always very caring. She is very respectful to the other cats away and hides when it comes times dispute there.

I can not do without them step, it is like glue!

They constantly pursued me and speakers squawk, wants to play and fun folding knife in the air or sit on my lap and schmust. They immediately comes running when I call a cat speakers squawk and then quite excited about that because they already would be. They know exactly how it is!

It eats only pure fish and I have to either fish (preferably catfish fillet) or cook the expensive little cat cans to buy fresh fish fillet. So much for the fish dinner party by Brigitte, grrr;)! (There is every evening for the cats fresh fish cooked).
 At night she always sleeps on my pillow or half on my head and cleans me (she cleans happy!).
I am hopelessly in love with her and me our lives can no longer imagine without them. When my oldest cat Fee (12 years) times jealous of it is sadly representative Rosina beat, simply because everyone likes EOWIN.

It is much smaller than the small Rosina, she weighs only 2 kg, and of course it still has a point advantage.
At this point once again a huge thank you to Brigitte and Werner for a lot of trouble despite the lack of time. It was worth it and has EOWIN lucky that I have had so much annoyed with my daily calls;))

(Thanks for your patience, dear Brigitte!)
Actually, four times lucky, because it is the death three times already died!

      Eowyn Pooh, genannt Pühli, hat am 17.02.2009 den 3-monatigen Kampf gegen die Viruserkrankung FIP verloren und ist in unseren Armen eingeschlafen. Sie wollte unbedingt leben, aber ihr eiserner Wille und alle Therapien haben leider nur einen Aufschub gebracht und nicht ausgereicht. Es vergeht nicht eine Minute in der wir alle ihr freundliches liebes Wesen nicht vermissen. Niemand schaut mir mehr beim Duschen zu oder springt ständig auf meinen Schoß, ich brauche keinen Fisch mehr zu kaufen und zu kochen, niemand schläft mehr auf meinem Kopfkissen.... Eine Freundin sagte zu mir, Eowyn wäre ein Katzenengel, der zu uns gekommen ist, um Liebe und Harmonie in unsere Gruppe zu bringen und nachdem diese Aufgabe erfüllt war, wurde sie wieder zurück in den Himmel gerufen. Sie hatte sogar einen kleinen Heiligenschein in der Zeichnung am  Kopf. Ich finde, das ist ein sehr schöner Gedanke und hoffe, sie findet eines Tages noch einmal den Weg zu uns! Wir werden sie mit offenen Armen erwarten.