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Dear Brigitte,

Today, I want you to write once, as Elly and us in the now nearly a year was given, since you and your team from the Chaweng Beach and brought into a plane in the direction of Bangkok have set.

The flight to Bangkok Elly has survived quite well, but Sasha has a lot at the airport in Bangkok experienced. The poor was at the end of the day quite ready and both had only once extensively rest. The first courses arrive Gassi the two awards, Elly immediately habituated to the crockery and also has the matter with the office purity immediately understood.

The flight to Germany quite smoothly, but it is Elly just before the airport but again wanted to lay on, but not whether it was better in the shrubbery in front of airport buildings to live. But Sascha, the Small still in the box and get into the plane in Germany and then everything ran like a match. Elly had neatly water "tank" and then it went further from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, and our house arrived, it was particularly important to us that Elly alone and completely voluntarily the stairs to our apartment up and running in the house goes into it. She was very anxious and nervous, but as far has given us confidence that the major step has dared. In the apartment she was then highly delighted about the carpet in the entire apartment is located. The first few days they could not decide where they will lie, first, so beautifully soft, it was everywhere. It has been rightly seen as the soft subsoil has enjoyed, as a contrast to the concrete and sand their island was (on Koh Samui, we had already noticed how much of Badevorleger Elly was thrilled that we are always against the door of our Bungalows were laid. The fact she has always used at night as a bed). To our great joy was the cleanliness in Germany absolutely no problem! Elly is generally a very cleanly dog, she cleans and maintains itself with a dedication that I have never been so at a dog saw. Especially the pedicure has it pleased.

During our walks in Frankfurt then revealed that a very Einzelgängerin Elly is not too much with other dogs wants to do. Especially those from their point of view intrusive Labrador and Golden Retrievers can not suffer such doll and puppy dogs to make them equal to an arc. Because they know that the terribly demanding and exhausting are. But with a variety Elly dog goes wonderfully with the other "exiles". Be it Spanish, French, Greeks ... Elly has among them even a few close friendships.

Another of its peculiarities is that Elly preferably through the streets of their neighborhood runs. She has the most beautiful park in front of the door, but only when the road round blossoms she really wants to and prefer running for miles. And all the great snacks, which since then on the streets around ... It's like all-you-can-eat buffet! So what loves our stinker (as we so happy times call) hot and deep. Elly has always very clear ideas about what she wants and what not. It is therefore a right Thick of us ever again to the test and tries to retain its place within the pack a bit too bolts. But we have learned to deal with it and appreciate it. The way on the couch has secretly erschlichen Elly. 2 weeks, it has only zugeschaut us, as we always have the couch. Then one day she tried it myself. Now is the couch her sleep for the night because you are so beautiful as to the backrest can cuddle and 2 sides, so to speak, is enclosed.

All in all, we are very happy that we Elly to us in Germany have brought. It enriches our lives with their quiet presence and yet so very kind and we can face our everyday lives without them no longer even imagine.

Here are a few pictures of Elly in Bangkok and their new home.

Here I am still on Koh Samui
Hier bin ich noch auf Samui.
Hier schon in Bangkok und jetzt endlich zu Hause!!! ! !