The story of LUMPINI and BANGKOK

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This is the story about the dog called BANGKOK and the cat LUMPINI, told by Herwig, who saved them both in Bangkok and took them back to Germany.

Ive been feeding Bangkok for 2 years now. He was lying outside a furniture store at the Ploenchit Skytrainstation. Many times I thought about taking him with me but somehow never did. At that time I didnt know about the Dog Rescue Center and had no idea that there was an organisation like that in Thailand. Ive been visiting Koh Samui for 7 years. Heavy monsoon rain outside and I went jogging at the Lumpinipark as I usually do. Because of the terrible weather I was the only one out there. Lumpini was sitting at the roadside and cried.! Im not a vet though but a little kitten at that age, alone in the park, there must be something not right. He didnt run away unlike all the other Lumpinipark-cats. I thought he was quite sick, as he didnt look good. So I took the cat with me and walked in the heavy rain through half of Bangkok, back to my hotel. I then got into trouble with the hotel manager (guess he wasnt a huge animal lover), he didnt want to let me go to the room to get dressed or to get some money with the cat. After a pretty heavy battle of words (I was close to taking him from behind his counter) and some help from a older Thai it was finally possible! So I quickly went to my room, took a shower, put the cat in a small backpack and took a taxi to the Animal Clinic. They were very helpful and Lumpini staid 4days at the clinic until the departure. After 2 days it was CERTAIN that he will make it (the worm he got was several times longer than he was).

So I had to face another problem: What am I going to do now? Through Google I got to know about the Dog Rescue Center Website. I spoke to Brigitte on the phone and also mentioned that I originally wanted to take an old dog home to Germany. But I wasnt sure if it was worth taking such an old dog. So Brigitte replied: Thats quite unfair, you take the little kitten but you would leave the old dog behind. I was convinced, and Brigitte then sent me the boxes. It was the right decision!!! The next day I picked up the box but the taxi driver didnt understand anything. The box had to be taken apart as it didnt fit into the car. We then drove to the place the dog usually slept but he wasnt at home. Early morning next day we went back there and he was -so to speak- at home. I fed him and put some barbiturate with it. The dog wasnt stupid and only took piece by piece. Guess he could smell it. I had already used the whole syringe (enough for a 150kg dog) as he was finally laying down and fell a sleep, after about 1.5 hours. By now of course the taxi driver was totally confused and nowhere to be seen. So i said to the Thais near by to leave the dog untouched, I was just going to look for my driver. As I came back after 2minutes, a worried Thai man put an egg down the dogs throat, of course he was only sleeping. I guess he thought the dog was being poisoned. I put the dog into the back of the car and went to the airport. Put the box together and there I was on my way to Samui.

The barbiturate would have not been necessary as the dog got a very calm character, but of course I didnt know this at that time. The next day I flew with the cat to Samui and once again had to go through some trouble with Bangkok Airways. Over the phone they told me it was no problem to take a small kitten on the plane but when I then wanted to buy the ticket it suddenly seemed to be a huge problem and so the cat was not allowed to fly in the cabin. I obviously got so upset again and still, the cat had to fly Cargo. 10 minutes after the landing I had her back but of course she was totally confused and panicking to no end.

I certainly want to say that you might have to deal with some problems while travelling with an animal and there is little help around.

Once the animals arrived at your place, the worse was behind us. Both in good hands, we just needed to wait for the transport to Germany. The arrival in Germany with my new animals was then unproblematic.

For Lumpini I had to wait about 3 hours. Here a stamp and there a stamp and of course everywhere a few Euros on top. It can happen that there is no vet at the airport when an animal shows up unannounced, and it would have to stay at the airport for an extra day. I was lucky that some python sneaks arrived from the USA at the same day.

It was definitely worth taking both the animals, money became unimportant.
Bangkok is getting along very well with our other female dog and hes got a lovely character. Hes lost most of his bad manners and was house-trained in with no time. The only problem: He shows a huge appetite for cats and other little animals.

Lupini gets along just fine with our other female cat and has become a proper house cat. The unfortunate thing is that he loves socks and pullovers. Hes destroyed quite a few already. Your upbringing perhaps?????? :- ) Well I guess not, as nobody wears socks or pullovers in Thailand!))

 Best wishes


Arrival of Fledermauss
Fledermaus was rescued from Koh Samui a year later by Herwig .

Here I am just arrived from Bangkok

Here I am still on Samui....

..and this is my new favorite place..

Here I am still on Samui...

...and here I am already in my new home and have found a very nice girlfriend. We get on really well..

This is my new girlfriend in Germany

Fledermaus and Lumpini