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Marianne found me on the street with a broken jaw and brought me to a vet straigfht away. The operation went very well but I staid weak for a long time and then got very sick...



Unfortunately Rantamplan got a very bad virus at the shelter and didn't make it...

Thank you Marianne and Florian for taking care of Rantamplan and for wanting to give him a new home...










I have been living at the DRCS since 2000. Some compassionate tourists brought me to Brigitte's and Werner´s house when I was about 3 months old. I hadn't only lost my mother but also my fur. It was itching very much and I was always hungry. I was often chased away since people were scared that my skin problem could be contagious. That were hard times. That was suddenly over when I was brought to the DRCS in Chaweng. I was given a delicious meal and I could have as much dry food as I wanted. I was in dog's paradise! Not quite. I was sprayed with a stinking liquid by a helper once a week - that I considered rather bad. Nevertheless, my skin stopped itching already after the first treatment and after a short while my fur started to grow again. When I came to Brigitte's house there was no wall around the house and we could all play on the terrace. Back then, there were not many dogs there and no cats at all! After a while, a fence was build around the house and I thought that freedom and the strolls to the market would be over. Since I am a very freedom loving dog I did not agree with this solution. On any possible occasion I sneaked through the gate and stayed on the yard in front. As I am a very friendly dog, even the Thais gave me some treats once in a while. Of course, the DRCS kept feeding me with a lot of food. After about 2 years a hut was build for me outside next to the entrance gate. I am for sure always the first to greet visitors in Chaweng! Maybe we'll get to know each other one day - I would be very happy if you brought me a roll. I love rolls!

ET (female)


was living with a family and, although they fed me, they didn't take me to the vet when my hair fell out. I was brought to the shelter because my owners said I should be sterilized. Brigitte was very angry when she saw the state of me. Immediately, I was given medication and Brigitte has promised that my hair will grow back within two months or so. When I am better, I will only be allowed to go back to my owners if they promise to look after me. However, Brigitte has her doubts about this and thinks I will stay in the shelter for ever (I'm about eight years old now).

After living with us for many years, ET recently died after a long and hard time of sickness. She peacefully died in her sleep. ET was very special to all of us and we badly miss him. During her time at the shelter, Carita from Helsinki was looking after her.

12 weeks later



I was only three months old, had hardly any fur left and my skin was covered with many injuries. I was running a high temperature and had a bad festering infection on one of my hind paws. Even the tourists had stopped feeding me because I looked so awful. I almost starved and died of thirst and I was so damn lonely.

One day, I met Jutta and Stephan on Chaweng Beach and also Susi, Ernst, Hilde and Gerd. They all felt very sorry for me and wanted to help. They thought I would not have much longer to live and just wanted to shorten my suffering. They started to look for a vet and found DRCS. Brigitte told them that I was only '... suffering from mange and that is was easy to treat'. Thus I got fed, injected, washed and even got a little basket just for myself to sleep in. After two days, the infection on my leg got real bad and I had to undergo surgery. Hard times!

By then Jutta and Stephan had fallen in love with me and decided to take me home with them to Germany. There were some logistical problems about this because Thai Airways insisted I see a vet in Bangkok three days before leaving the country. Jutta and Stephan took me to Bangkok to see the vet. We finally got the papers which nobody, in the end, wanted to see. I only had to show my vaccination card. What a waste of time, money and energy! On the other hand, what’s some money compared to a dog’s life?

Now I am seven months old and a healthy little dog. I live in the Frankfurt area and bark in accent-free German. I have already visited Susi and Ernst in Munich and also Hilde and Gerd in Cologne. I am perfectly happy in Germany. With all my heart I hope that my brothers and sisters on Koh Samui will meet the animal friends from the DRCS so that they can get help too. 

SAU (female) 


My owner brought me to DRCS after I had an accident and my right back leg had to be amputated. After the operation my owner took me home again but, after a while, I had to go back to Brigitte´s house as my wound had become infected. My owner didn´t want me anymore and just abandoned me at DRCS. Actually, I like it here as I am allowed inside the house very often and I get the choice of best food. I often get in fights with Blindi (page 6) over the basket. Blindi is blind (hence the name) but she is very accurate when biting.

After recovering so well, Sau got a lung infection and passed away. The vet gave his best to help Sau but unfortunately she wasn't strong enough at the end. We all miss her very much.

During the time at the DRCS, Keum and Renate from Germany were looking after Sau. Thank you very much



Having lost my mother, I was wondering around Chaweng Beach. I followed anybody who was nice to me. I was still a baby, only three months old, and could not fend for myself like the grown-up dogs. I got very sick and was so weak, I could hardly hobble along anymore.

That’s how tourists found me on the beach in front of Montien House. They took me to Brigitte from DRCS. I was really lucky, because the Center had just been opened and I was the first in-patient there. Dr Somsak treated me with antibiotics as I also had an abscess. My diarrhea and mange were properly treated. I got delicious doggy-milk and of course lots and lots to eat.

After a week, I was strong enough to leave the clinic. I was baptised "Nüng" which in Thai means "One", because I had been the first patient! My luck did not leave me and I was allowed to stay in the Montien House. To be a Montien dog is something very special on Koh Samui, because the lady owning the place takes good care of her 8-10 dogs. They get fed every day and receive medical treatment when needed.


My name is Snoose and I'm around six months old. When I was found, I was skinny, had no fur, scabby skin and large injuries on my head. I was lying underneath a deckchair on the beach in front of the Buri bungalow resort on Chaweng Beach. That's the state in which Shenja and Pierre found me. The two of them saw my pain, the terror and the fear I had to endure so far. They felt so sorry for me they could not simply ignore me like so many others did. In the beginning, they just fed me every evening and took care of my injuries. But after a short time they took me back to their bungalow and decided they could not leave me there in Thailand to face a fate unknown. The DRCS then helped to treat my mange. I was washed with Amitraz, something not very enjoyable but, as you can see on the left side, it did help. Then I got a proper vaccination card, vitamins and de-worming treatment. Pierre covered most of the island with his bike trying to find a transporting cage and then off I went to Germany.


Now my home is in Berlin and I live happily together with my new buddies Olli and Nelli. Shenja and Pierre did not regret saving me.


My name is Laila, my age is around 2.5 years and I am a very expensive pedigree Doberman. I was supposed to have many pedigree puppies. But my first pregnancies all ended with miscarriages and my original owner lost interest. I had to live on garbage. Trying to do so, I injured my right hind paw badly. Since I am not a robust mongrel I started having serious stomach problems and lost all my fur. I was close to giving up and all I wanted to do was die.

But then Danny from the DRCS started to take care of me. Today, only a few months later, I am an almost healthy dog. As soon as I am fit enough for the surgery I will be castrated. Also one of my toes will most probably have to be amputated.

After I became a pretty dog again, of course I found a new home for myself.



I had been abandoned near the temple and at first really did not want to get caught. Danny outwitted me and caught me after all. I was scared stiff, because I did not realize that all she wanted to do was help me. But things really could not get worse anyway, could they?

I had lost my shiny coat, was suffering from diarrhea and was very skinny. Danny took me to Khun Wan Nie, a very nice Thai lady, who takes care of many stray dogs. I was only supposed to stay for four weeks but after this time she wanted to keep me for good. I am a beautiful poodle once again and my name is Little Guy.



My name is Scarface and I have been living on the Laem Din-Market in Chaweng for some years now. I could look after myself pretty well.

One day, I went for a stroll on the beach. Sadly there were many dogs, which didn't like me at all, and certainly didn't want to share the beach with me. I went back to the market bitten all over and with a lame front paw. Not enough, some days later, I had a car-accident and was nearly scalped. Nobody took care of me. The wounds were small in the beginning, but after the flies had laid their eggs, the injury soon became a very big wound. Some months ago, I wouldn't have had the chance to survive, the maggots would have eaten me alive. But since the DRCS was founded, all the stray-dogs have a chance to live and survive their injuries. I was brought to the clinic and Dr. Somsak anaesthetized me. My wound was cleaned, and all the maggots died off quickly.

I went back to live in the market and I'm fine now.

MAC (male)


I have been living at the DRCS since 2000. Some compassionate tourists brought me to Brigitte´s and Werner's house when I was about 3 months old. I hadn't only lost my mother but also my fur. It was itching very much and I was always hungry. I was often chased away since people were scared that my skin problem could be contagious. That were hard times. That was suddenly over when I was brought to the DRCS in Chaweng. I was given a delicious meal and I could have as much dry food as I wanted. I was in dog's paradise! Not quite. I was sprayed with a stinking liquid by a helper once a week - that I considered rather bad. Nevertheless, my skin stopped itching already after the first treatment and after a short while my fur started to grow again. When I came to Brigitte's house there was no wall around the house and we could all play on the terrace. Back then, there were not many dogs there and no cats at all! What a pity, I am a good hunter! After a while, a fence was build around the house and it was not possible to stroll around the market anymore. But it got even worse! On 15 November 2002 the first compound of the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam was completed. I was brought there with many of my doggie friends. We have a lot of space there but unfortunately, there are not as many visitors. I love strokes and cuddles!

After many happy years at the shelter, Mac recently died in his sleep.



When I was about three months old a silly construction worker painted me red with oil paint, without realizing that by doing so he almost killed me. Some animal friends took me to the DRCS and there I was treated by Dr. Somsak. Since the paint was already dry it could not be removed with any solvent. It took me days to tear out all that scabby red fur. And I tell you it hurt like hell!!! But I did not stop until the last bit of paint was gone - as was most of my coat - and my back was completely bare.

Now my coat has grown back nicely and I have turned into a handsome tomcat. I usually live in Brigitte's house with the other cats but sometimes have the urge to go walkabout for a couple of days. My name really should be DAM ('black' in Thai) but thanks to the red color I am called DÄNG ('red' in Thai).

I now live on my own pose, outside the DRCS. I still pass it every so often.


Many animal-loving people called the DRCS on my behalf and informed them that close to the area of the Reggae Pub there was a dog that urgently needed help. I did not realize that these people only wanted to help me, so every time I saw somebody approaching me I ran away as fast as possible. I had given up begging a long time ago and only lived on rubbish. My body was covered with dirt and I had a tumor on my neck. I guess it's hardly necessary to mention that I was a mere bundle of bones with no hair left whatsoever.

One evening Monica, who has a small bar close to the Reggae Pub, simply picked me up all of a sudden and took me directly to Brigitte. Brigitte put me into a basket and gave me delicious food. She was very worried whether I would survive the night. But I am a tough cookie and after having been bathed eight times all the dirt was gone. Dr Somsak gave me some medication that helped me along. After two months I was strong enough for the tumor therapy and today I am still a little bit skinny, but my coat is wonderful and I am perfectly happy at the DRCS. I've already found a godfather and I've started to trust people again. I've become a loveable and friendly dog.

Pui Fai Dop


I (PUI FAI) spent a happy life with DOP, DSCHAI DAN, DANG and GAI at the far northern end of Lamai Beach staying with very nice German animal-friends in quite a secluded area. Tourists rent the houses in the area now and then but most of them only stay two or three weeks. My bowl was filled with delicious food every day and I did not worry about my future. I lived with my pack and my master and my mistress treated me nicely. But then, after half a year, all of a sudden they packed up everything and off they went. The house was locked and there we were, without any means to live whatsoever. Of course we waited for days but they never came back. Walter, who is living close by, didn't know what to do either because at that time the DRCS doghouse was already totally overbooked with fifty dogs. Also we were all healthy dogs and there wasn't any place in the doghouse even for really badly hurt animals.

What were we to do? Go to the temple or stay there waiting and starving? Walter couldn't help us either, because his landlord only allows one dog per house. Close by, there lives an elderly fishermen who always treated us nicely. Unfortunately this old man is very poor and lives solely on the fish he catches and the vegetables he cultivates. Walter spoke to him and we were allowed to stay with him. We all got castrated, injected and de-wormed. The DRCS bought a huge cooking pot for us, and the fisherman gets a delivery of rice and dry food regularly. Walter visits us almost every day to check if we are OK. It's been a long time since we stopped missing our old master, because the old man dearly loves us and takes us for many walks. We are the first dogs the DRCS managed to find a foster home for. Meanwhile we all found godparents, who will help to keep our bowls filled with delicious fish broth, rice and dry food. Thank you!

Dang Dschai Dan



I am about 10 years old and all my life was spent on a street in Nathon, Koh Samui’s capital. An old woman gave me some rice every day and I was allowed to stay close to her house. She was very pleased however, when the helpers from the DRCS picked me up and she wished me the very best, because in the course of the years I had lost a lot of weight due to malnutrition and was also suffering from mange.

When I got to the DRCS I was scared stiff of the other dogs, but they were very friendly and noticed immediately that I had no strength left. For the first few days all I did was eat and sleep. I am a friendly and peaceful dog and I think it is great here! After three months in the DRCS my fur re-grew and I now look like a teddy bear.

After many happy years at the shelter in Chaweng, Nathon peacefully died in his sleep. We do miss him a lot.


Having picked me up on the street in a desperate state, DRCS took care of me and nursed me back to health. After I had been at the shelter for about 3 years, I was very lucky because an elder couple from England fell in love with me. I have been living happily with them for over 3 years now. Unfortunately, I am still brought to the shelter twice a year, since my owners visit their children in England. Every time I am scared that they won't pick me up anymore, but I am more than happy every time I see them again.



I am five years old and was living on the road from Nathon to Maenam, behind Nathon, just before the mountain. Many of you will surely have seen me there. I was always just standing there hoping that somebody would give me something to eat. Unfortunately, that did not happen often. Olivia and Brigitte from the DRCS had often seen me there too and they decided to put an end to my misery. There are three wooden huts next to the road, but none of the Thais took care of me. I was just fed by passing tourists who felt sorry for me. That minimal amount of food was not enough and I lost almost all my fur. I also had a very bad fungal infection all over my body. As a result of this, my paws were already badly swollen. Dr Somsak said I was really lucky, because a fungal infection quite often leads to blindness, once the eyes are infected. But now I am here in the DRCS and gets piles of drugs and of course splendid food.

I am the largest dog here and since I am quite relaxed due to the tranquillizers I get, there are no problems with the other dogs. I do not attack the other dogs and the moment I stand up, all the other dogs are deeply impressed by my size and they only bark at me. I simply lie down again and do not do a thing. I am still very weak and skinny and very glad that I do not have to stand next to the road anymore.

As you can see on both of the pictures on the left, I look much better now!

NEW STAR (female)


Some tourists decided to help Brigitte by collecting dogs for castration in Chaweng Noi (where I lived). I was picked up but was too thin and mangy to be operated on. I was kept safe here in Chaweng while my friends got 'the operation'. On the day they were returned to the beach, the puppies (who had been too young for operation) were poisoned by someone. The local hotel managers again claimed it was the tourists who have been poisoning the dogs in Chaweng Noi. Anyway, I'm safe and now have the task of greeting all the visitors to the shelter. I do this by lying across the top step just outside the front door so they have to step over me. I lick their ankles on the way past!

Suai Suai etwas später

SUAI (female)


The DRCS has been my home for a very long time. I used to be very weak and almost naked, and would not have had a chance in the big pack in front of Brigitte's house. For some time, I have been staying on the terrace and in the "garden" together with the sick dogs. I like it very much out there. My coat still is not back to perfection because I had a mycotic infection and that takes a long time to cure. I have gained a lot of weight and I am a friendly dog and most grateful to be here. Suai means beautiful in Thai and one day I will surely be beautiful also.


SNAPY (female)

I used to live at the Pinnacle Resort in Maenam. I thought it was a nice resort, but the people there were not nice at all. They have kicked me and pushed me around. One day Antje, a tourist from Germany, came to the resort and fell in love with me. She called Brigitte and asked her to take me to the shelter since there was no future for me in the resort. Of course, Brigitte thinks I am very cute as well and now I run around with many others in front of the kitchen of the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam. I am not the only puppy here, there are more my size with whom I can play all day long. Maybe I am lucky and Antje will take me to Germany later!

Unfortunately SNAPI wasn't strong enough and could never board that plane... She was ready to start a better future. She recently died on a bad infection. Antje was already looking forward to welcoming SNAPI in her new home.

Unfortunately we still loose many puppies. Most of them arrive at the shelter in bad conditions and their immune system is not strong enough to get them through the most difficult first few months.

MIKE (male)

Petra (my favourite volunteer) arrived one day wanting to carry out a census of all us dogs.  What followed thereafter was a great game of ‘Catch me if you can’! Petra ran around the compound trying to catch each dog to take its photo. All of us dogs let her get quite near us before we ran away in the opposite direction. What fun we had that day! As the day went on, Petra’s face got redder and redder. However, in the end, we let her take each of our photos and now here I am. Nobody knows how I got here or when I got here but here I am and here I will stay unless someone on the island or somewhere wants to give me a home.

I have very big luck because I was chosen from  Anna from the Animal Protection Network in Sweden. ( to fly to Sweden. She saw me on the homepage und decide to take me to Sweden, so I could have a better live. The organization paid the fly for me and now I live very happy in Sweden. I love my new home very much!

You can see a couple of photos of (Swedish) Mike in his new house. He has been rehomed by a 65 year old lady who lives in a large house with a large garden. She loves Mike very much and he is always with her. He lives on a diet of chicken, rice and vegetables. Subsequently he has put on some weight but has also gained some nice muscles. He is a very happy and playful dog and loves his long walks in the forest and the company of his new female friend! (Thank heavens he was neutered while on Koh Samui!)

Iayanna from the United States looked after Mike as he was in the shelter. Thank you very much.



OPA (male)


Unfortunately Opa passed away. Our thoughts are with him.

During his time at the shelter, Hildegard from Germany was looking after him. Thank you very much.


LAMBO (male)


I have been at the shelter for quite a few years now still, nobody has really managed to properly train me. If I like somone I can be a real cute cuddle bear but if dislike a person....grrrr...probably the best to stay away from me. Otherwise it can happen that i come pinch you a little. However, all in all I'm a pretty cool little limping doggie. That bloody car accident really left its markes.


Unfortunately Lambo passed away. Our thoughts are with him.

During his time at the shelter, Brigitte from Germany was looking after him. Thank you very much.



Unfortunately Haudi Song passed away. Our thoughts are with him.

During his time at the shelter, Karin from Munich in Germany was looking after him. Thank you very much.



AEROSMITH (female)


Since I was a little puppy I believed that our family was a little strange. We are 6 brothers and sister and every one of us looks totally different. One is white/brown, one is black, the other has a little beard, another one has quite short hair….a total strange mix! Even our characters are different. I don’t remember where we were born. We were separated from our mother when we were only 8 weeks old, totally mangy and underfed and therefore nobody wanted to adopt us. It looks like we will spend our life here at the shelter- not too bad though but an own family would definitely be a dream!


Unfortunately Aerosmith passed away. Our thoughts are with her.

During her time at the shelter, Patricia from Sölden in Austria was looking after her. Thank you very much.




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