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Also jung children will have a lot of fun with the dogs and the cats



Welcome in our house in Chaweng

About 50 dogs on our courtyard and 10 to 15 dogs in our house always enjoy visotors. 50 cats will also enjoy your visit.

We open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm in Chaweng. In teh biws shelter n Ban Taling Ngam we open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.



HERE. you can find a map on how to find us.


All these dogs you can meet in Our House in Chaweng.
Here you can see our former "Guests".
Das waren alles mal SOI DOGS. So nennt man die Straßenhunde in Thailand. SOI heißt Straße.
On the photo you can see some of our housemates in Chaweng. Most of them will stay only temporarily. Their future owners are waiting  to take them home as soon as they're ready. This dogs are all from the streets. They are SOI DOGS.

SOI heißt Straße. Allerdings nennen nur Ausländer die Hunde so. Dog heißt MA und so müssten die Hunde SOI MA heißen.


We have a lot of cats. They all love to get spoiled and a visit at the little shelter in Chaweng can even for small kids be a great adventure. The animals in the house are very friendly and don’t mind to be carried around by small children. And if they don’t want to be touched, they just walk away..

Here you can see a few photos of the evening Fishparty in Chaweng.




We have also a lot of sick, old or disabled animals, many of them who need constant attention. Every morning and evening many of the animals receive their daily medications.

Our vet, who usually works at the big shelter in Baan Taling Ngam, is 3 times/week in Chaweng from 4pm – 6pm. Consultation and treatments are for free.

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LARGE KENNEL (the way back)

Between 1999 and 2002, we took in about 120 sick and injured soi dogs which could not be taken back to the beach or from whence they came. These are either old and weak animals who could not fend for themselves or puppies which were dumped at the clinic without their mothers. Some of the soi dogs could not be taken back because hotel owners had threatened to poison them. Many of our patients are nothing more than a bundle of bones, covered with injuries and without any fur. These animals have to stay because their chances of survival, without our help, are nil. We started to run out of space for the dogs so our next aim was to erect a large kennel. Until then, all the soi dogs were living on our premises, next to the house. Our 'garden' is only 300 square meters and that is far too small to house 60 dogs.

The kennel (4 x 7 meters) is also in our 'garden' and that was donated by Silvana Ruh. Khun Ying and Khun Bäh (the owners of Montien House on Chaweng Beach) donated the land. Many dogs, that could not be taken back after castration or medical treatment found a new home in the big kennel.

Unfortunately, the number of dogs that could not be taken back grew bigger and bigger and it became urgent to find a new space for these animals.

The whole garden was full of dogs and it became impossible to open the door on to the terrace as there were some 40 dogs outside vying for the best places. The front part of our land was separated from the garden by fences so it was possible to keep the dogs in two groups. The weaker ones mostly resided on our terrace and in the garden. A short time before we moved the dogs to the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam there were 40 dogs on the terrace and 60 in the front and the animal house. Today, the garden is inhabited by our cats, separated by the fence from the dog area. We did not take in any cats until after 2002.

We moved around 80 dogs from Chaweng to the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam. Today (May 2012), the only dogs I keep around my house are those which are too sick or old to live at the big shelter and the ones which need daily medication. I did have a dream that, when the big shelter opened, I would not need to have any dogs here and could have a lovely big garden but it doesn't look if that's going to happen! Doesn't matter. Although we built the big kennel for the dogs, the cats' hospital continues to be my house and currently (2012) I have some 50 of them living with me.

Here you can see a few photos of the evening Fishparty in Chaweng.

      Das neue Hundehaus