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The cat room

Within the last few years, more and more cats were adopted at the animal shelter and it became vital to build a house for the cats. The room (4 meters by 4 meters) originally designed as a storage room, was used for the cats which had to stay at the shelter until adoption or forever.   

Furthermore the sick cats and the cats which have to stay with us for one week after castrations, needed to stay there in cages.    
This is our new cat house. We have a lot of space to play, a big terrace and a beautiful garden. Ow and Dilek (who has now left us) fitted the shelves. In the picture, the shelves are a bit lop-sided (Thai style) but have since been adjusted.


The cat house

The outdoor enclosure that was especially built for our cats, is beautiful during sunshine but, when it rained, the cats had to squeeze into the little room. In this room there >are also 20 cages for the newly operated upon cats. You can imagine that this led to fights among the usually peaceful cats and some of them had to stay outside in the rain. In contrast to the unfinished quarantine ward for the puppies, the cat house is now finished. It came as a surprise to me that construction work started the same day I gave the order and that it went ahead unbelievably quickly. This is very unusual for Thailand! Less surprising though, was the creativity of the site manager. He must have held the plans upside down and he simply ‘forgot’ to create one of the doors! I complained a couple of times but the workers only put me off. It was only when the plaster work was about to begin that the workers took a big fretsaw and cut out a door in the brickwork!


Since September 2005 our little tigers have had a house with two rooms (40 sq.m. including the terrace) and a garden (about 240 sq.m.) which invites them to play and romp around. The garden isn’t so well-attended during the rainy season but baskets, rattan furniture and polystyrene boxes constitute the scratch paradise inside. I’ve also had some shelves i nstalled which has created lots of space for rest and recuperation.

This oasis for our little tigers is perfect and I can safely say that they are in the best of health and very happy with their new home. The old outdoor enclosure was connected with the new outdoor enclosure and the cats still love to peek through the window and look at the cats in the catroom.



In October 2007 we received a generous donation of 4000 Euro from the SOS Animal Care in Binningen, Switzerland and only because of this donation we were now able to build the 21 tiled boxes (90x90cm). With the new single boxes built, the sterilisation and cleaning in general has become so much easier and therefore we're positive to be able to get virus infections more under control.

A big thank you to the donor from Switzerland

Especially our volunteers were more than happy that we finally built separate cat-boxes as they never had enough space for the new puppies. Fortunately the death rate of the puppies has been reduced dramatically and therefore I hope that we can achieve the same with the cats.

28. June 2010:

Alarm in the cat compound! Escaped convict spotted 5 meters high up...

HERE a picture documentary of the emergency measures. Last update...

1. September 2010

Unfortunately after only one year the jungle fought back, leaving everything completely overgrown again

24. August 2011

And below you can see a video about our cathouse in Baan Taling Ngam.


Department of cats

Puppies Department