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Here you can see a small selection from the many beautiful photos that we made in 2018.
I hope you enjoy it a little. I hope I can help you through the small ones
Picture stories can bring our club a little closer.


                        Animal shelter in Baan Taling Ngam

Entrance gate to the shelter

Here, the "patients" and their caregivers can wait for treatment.

Benches - everywhere dogs benches. Coveted relaxation areas

Linda at the puppy house





The dogs love the dog benches and we never have enough of them. As soon as one is ready, it will be filled immediately and whoever comes first, of course, also gets the best seat. Of course the benches do not last forever.


                          Snakes - alarm

Snakes are good climbers and you have to expect them everywhere in the shelter.

Snake visiting the shelter

Once again we had an uninvited guest. This is unfortunately not uncommon in the shelter. This time a gigantic python got lost in the kitchen area. The dogs tracked her down there. Fortunately for us, Phil of the Wildlife Rescue Samui quickly arrived to capture her and bring her back to a safe place where she can live without problems again. Many thanks for the great effort of Phil. Unfortunately, Phil has to come to us more often. It was not so long ago, since we had a similar sized python in our puppy house. She ate two cats and was so fat afterwards that she locked herself in the box.


 The Farmer's Market at the Peace Resort has collected donations for us.


                                                       Many Thanks!



We sincerely thank the Peace Resort.

They also collected donations for us and Soi Dog at their second Farmer's Market, and again 4058 Baht have been collected for each one of us.

In 3 months at the third Farmer's Market we can again count on their great support.

Thank you very much!!

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