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Ban Thai & Poo
Party time for our dogs

We have donated 1000 kg of chickens from MILLENNIUM VENTURE SAMUI COMPANY, 105/5 Moo1 Maret for our pets. For the dogs this was like Christmas.


They would have preferred to pull it out of the big tub right away. But they had to be patient.


We cooked day and night so we did not have to throw anything away from the chicken. A day in the land of plenty: For all dogs at my house there were chickens as much as they wanted.


                    Consultation at Dr.Sith in Chaweng

Every Tuesday and Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm, Dr Sith has a consultation at my Hausa in Chaweng. Since the consultation is always well attended, often form long queues. But the Thais are patient as in all circumstances.

In front of my house more and more dogs have accumulated in recent years. They walk around the nearby market whenever they want. In addition there are the dogs from the Montien-Staffhaus. Our dogs are very peaceful during the day. At night they watch and bark. They also like to hunt motorcyclists

In Thailand it is normal to take the dogs on the motorbike. We can only hope that the driver does not have to brake suddenly.

Bang has been with us for many years and is helping Dr. Sith at the consultation.

Shawn Shadow from Australia donated a microscope. Many thanks to Shawn.


                                flight sponsors




We are always looking for flight mentors for our shelter dogs and for dogs that have managed to convince an animal lover that they absolutely must take him, otherwise he would face a future uncertainty. At our shelter the dogs are waiting for their departure, if possible with flight sponsor, because freight transport costs a lo

These airlines carry dogs on special terms: Lufthansa, KLM, AUA, AirFrance and Aeroflott. Thai Airways is a bit more expensive, but well suited for dogs that are not too heavy.

Unfortunately, there has recently been a bigger problem with almost all animal friends who have agreed to take dogs as flight-godfathers. The transfer time in Bangkok is too short. It takes at least 3 1/2 hours to stay in Bangkok, because the luggage is not checked through if you want to check in a dog in Bangkok. So the luggage has to be re-checked in Bangkok, then the passport control comes in, where it is often very full.

That's why only animal lovers, who spend a few days in Bangkok at the end of their vacation, come as flight sponsors.


                       These dogs have found a new home


Franzi & Jan with Sit from Germany

Poo with Felix and Lotta from Hamburg

Terry sold lemonade for us - thank you for your great effort

Rascal was fortunate enough to be adopted by Terry & Michelle Murphy and now lives happily with them in Texas / USA

Lucky or Lucy with Michael in Austria

Spike at Stefanie & Nico in Berlin

Daniela & Marco from Switzerland with Legolas

King of Melanie from Germany

Kira and Oliver from Germany

Marry happy with Anna

Many dogs have found a new home and are very happy in their new environment and family.



Shompoo loves men and is always ready to "delouse" them. Only women do not like them at all and can be pretty scratchy as well.

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