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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
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                      Bath time for our dogs in Chaweng


The Cat House

Hacki has some friends who like to cuddle up with him from time to time.

In addition, Hacki is the most popular foster father. All new cats love to cuddle with him.

Predator feeding in the morning

If the mothers no longer nurse the babies, they are sterilized and then left with their children in my house. The mothers often move to the neighboring house, but the children stay.

We have many kittens again. Luckily, most come together with the mothers.

We thank for the many feed donations!


     Hospital building in the shelter

We have all done the construction work within 30 days. Wit, our manager, captured everything in photos.

We had to u.a. Build individual boxes separated from the rest of the animal shelter. The barely used cat area behind the clinic was well suited for this. We opened a door to the operating room and Dr. Sith can now have the dogs brought there directly.

This small construction crew completed the necessary construction work in the shortest possible time. You have done a very good job

We set up the fence for the dog-free zone right next to the clinic.

Large mountains of debris had to be disposed of.

Storm and rain had destroyed several huts. We have been using plastic roofs for the dog shelters for a long time. The plastic roofs usually only get dents when branches fall down, and are usable again. In the substructure we had to do without bamboo, because of vermin infestation. For this we take wood, where the bark is removed before, then it is painted with special paint.

Storm and rain have left mountains of branches everywhere that needed to be cleared.

The dogs love the benches and can hardly be lowered during the construction phase.

Dr. Sith is very happy with the newly built boxes. So he can constantly see and monitor the dogs from the operating room.


The repairs and the associated costs at the shelter never diminish. It's unbelievable how much money is needed to keep the shelter in order.

Of course, when a hut collapses, reconstruction must begin as soon as possible. When falling branches hit the huts, either the shacks are flat or a wall is broken. Then this needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I am constantly hoping that enough helpers will come to work and that the work will be tackled quickly.