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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • We treat and save stray dogs and cats in the island
  • Thanks to our team, volunteers and sponsors we can make them happy
  • Please help us! Become a godparent
  • Rainbow Bridge: read the stories of cats & dogs that passed away

                       077 413 490 /081 893 944 3

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Yesterday we had a premature birthday surprise. The "Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort" visited us to donate food and 5000 Baht from its quarterly market sale. Thank you very much for the great support.



Vet Volunteers

       Charlotte, Lotte and Marietje from Holland Vet voluntäre

            Charlotte, Lauriane, Pauline, Franny, Camille,
                                            Albane & Charlotte

On "work" without Voluntärvisum are high penalties. There is no problem at all to get one. You send us an e-mail and we will send you all the necessary documents for the application for the visa. For volunteers who only want to help for a few days, immigration wants to grant short-term permits. Contact me and we will find a solution. Please help us! The dogs and cats need the loving attention by you very special.

                          Dogs in the house

Gina-Lisa is always ready for departure

The others unfortunately have to stay here.

Gina-Lisa was a bit overwhelmed with the meat.



                              And that's the rascals in front of the house

Please donate for the important vaccinations

Every little donation helps. For 10 euros we can vaccinate a dog against rabies and many diseases, deworm and treat against mange, fleas and ticks. With more than 350 dogs in shelter and a steadily increasing number of cats in my house, that's over 3500 Euros again.