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Our temple team at work

Our temple team Jay, Linda and Tom have again saved countless dogs and cats this year. They have taken care of wounds from countless temples and street animals, catching emergencies that needed treatment in our shelter, caring for the puppies, and of course, distributing thousands of pounds of food all over the island. You do an incredible job. Thank you very much !!!

The dog life can be so beautiful when someone takes care of us.

Our feed deliveries are always in great demand. Without them, hundreds of dogs would have to starve. Although, of course, despite our efforts, we unfortunately always find completely starving dogs on the streets. If possible, we will take them to the shelter to let them recover their strength and find a new home for them.

For more than 10 years, our outdoor & temple team Linda, Jay and Tom have looked after countless dogs and cats at temples and in many villages all over Koh Samui. Here you can find many beautiful pictures and stories about her daily work on behalf of the Dog & Cat Rescue Samui Foundation:

Please help us help. Our four-legged friends are grateful for every little donation.





We buy every month
over 3500 kg dry food
and a lot of tin feed.
10 kg of dry food cost 8 euros.

In addition, there are many food donations, from hotels and animal friends they bring in the shelter or Chaweng over.
Thanks to the donors!


Garbage dump in Hua Thanon


Of course, we still take care of the many dogs at the dump in Hua Thannon. At least twice a week we bring them food and water and see if they are well. They are already running happily after our car. Unfortunately, our shelter is already overcrowded and it is not possible to accommodate all of these dogs.

We continued to take care of the dogs at the dump in Hua Thanon.

Our puppy house

One of the most popular areas in our shelter is our puppy house.

As small and cute as they are, their appetite is huge. They devour mountains of food to feed him.

Of course they like to drink milk. Rarely we have the luck to get the mother to the puppies.



A few of our emergencies in 2017


This is Mr. Nathon. He was discovered by Jay on her day off in Nathon. She managed to catch him after a catching action through several shops with the help of an animal loving shopkeeper. Unfortunately, he died despite great recovery successes.


R.i.P. Mr. Nathon.

This was the most difficult fishing action we had this year.

We called the dog "ChockDie" (good luck).

Right in the corner in the middle of the broth stands ChockDie, hoping for help. It was not easy to convince Chockdie to come to the edge of the sandbanks in the middle of the pit.

At the edge of the pit had already "water" accumulated and it was only a matter of time when there would be no more "sandbars".


He has been with us on the farm in Chaweng for 6 weeks now and is still very shy. It was very difficult to take a picture of him and his savior. When you try to approach him, he runs away like a madman. He has no problems with the other dogs in the yard. Since many visitors come in Chaweng, it is impossible to prevent the gate from being closed properly. Many dogs go for a walk in the market and then come home for feeding. A big pack is now living outside the door. ChockDie goes in and out, as he wants .

We miss you Branco

All those who have been to our house can definitely remember Branco. Unfortunately, he got very ill and we had to let him go. Branco, we miss you very much.



Branco has become increasingly lazy and weaker in recent years due to age.

He is for one Galgo grew old: 12 years. For the past six months, he just wanted to take short walks. He spent most of the day on the sofa and slept a lot.

Since the neighboring house is equipped with much more slip-resistant tiles and he slipped in my house often
We had him in the last few weeks in the next house with our helper JAA Housed.

There he could run better and with Pomelo, who lives there, he got along great.
JAA is very fond of animals and he took great care of him.

Soi Dogs is on Samui
The farmers market at the Peace Resort has collected donations for us.

Thank you very much!



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