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Ling / Lucie's rescue from Chaweng Noi Beach

For several years we look after the monkey from the Monkey Bar on the beach of Chaweng-Noi. The owner never took care of Ling regularly. She was essentially cared for by animal loving tourists who lived there on the beach in one of the hotel's facilities.
We built a new cage in March 2013 and in May 2016 we completely renovated it.
The owner has now agreed that we take her to us. We then picked up the cage again with the greatest effort. Unfortunately, we realized that the whole effort was in vain, because he was already too rusted to renovate it.
Jaa, one of our helpers has built a new cage, a bit higher than the old one. Of course, a new cage is not the ideal solution, but at least Ling does not have to go hungry anymore or spend days without water. Unfortunately, she always dumped her water bowl immediately. Animal loving tourists have always given him plastic water bottles (hopefully filled with water). We have always looked after the cleaning of the cage and have to remove mountains from it ...
In the rainy season, she has certainly gone through hard times, because then there are hardly any tourists and the owner is certainly rarely come looking for his monkey.
I do not know why he suddenly gave it to us. However, we must not give it away, because he wants to visit his beloved monkey regularly.
It is not possible to manage the monkeys, she lives too long in captivity.
She will definitely always have good food and fresh water every day.


You are welcome to visit her in Chaweng

Here you can see a video and photos of the first cage building.


It was not easy to carry the cage down the slope. Luckily it was right at the beginning of the ordeal.

Finally arrived at the bottom. Now we have to catch our breath.
When felt 40 degrees and 90% humidity, everything is twice as exhausting.

And on it goes over the beach to the car. Of course that was easier said than done. But together we have made it.

Only a few meters then we are first in the car.

We finally arrived in Chaweng. Now only through the gate and we made it.


Of course Ling / Lucie arrived safely. She will also be greeted warmly. But she does not like it when our dogs come too close. Unfortunately, the whole Schlepperei was free. The old cage was so rusted and broken that we had to build a new one.

The new cage for Ling / Lucie

Jaa, our caretaker has immediately set to work to build a nice big new home for Ling / Lucie. The result is really impressive. Ling now has 3 levels. Her sleeping area is under the roof so she has quiet and dark in the evening.





Ling / Lucie seems to like her new home. Especially the whole lot of delicious food. Meanwhile, she gets really picky and picks only the best stuff out. Now and then she is spoiled with a sip of coke. Of course we know that cola is not healthy for her. But she likes her and she deserves some joy.

Our belated rainy season 2017

This year, the rainy season hit completely unexpectedly in December and January. For absolute high season on Samui. Since our house in Chaweng is very centrally located and most tourists live on the Chaweng beach, many animal lovers come to our house to find out about our work or just to play with our extremely friendly domestic dogs and cats and, of course, around to donate ... Almost all January, they had to fight their way through waist-high water. Super high season!

The dogs from inside look how it looks in front of the door. Our property we try to pump empty-handed. However, if the water level is too high and the water is the same everywhere, pumping makes little sense.

In continuous rain, the dogs are all very nice to each other. They move together and warm each other. Luckily it never gets really cold here.

Maybe we are lucky and it was the last time so bad. This year, they have rebuilt the rain processes. So far they work great and we hope that it stays that way.


Flight sponsors

Many thanks to all the flights that helped us bring dogs to their new owners.
These airlines carry dogs on special terms: Lufthansa, KLM, AUA, AirFrance and Aeroflott. Thai Airways is a little more expensive, but well suited for dogs that are not too heavy.

Many thanks to Eva and Anke for taking PICO to Germany for Susanne.


We are always looking for flight mentors for our shelter dogs and for dogs that have managed to convince an animal lover that they absolutely must take him, otherwise he would face an uncertain future. On the beach of a bungalow resort or wherever on Koh Samui. At our shelter the dogs are waiting for their departure, if possible with flight sponsor, because freight transport costs a lot more.


Again this year many dogs found a nice new home thanks to you.

 We thank all who decide to give a dog or a cat a safe and beautiful new life overseas. Should you also go on holiday in Samui and fall in love with one of the dogs or cats on the island, get in touch with us. We will gladly help you with transport and the necessary papers to bring your new family member safely and healthy to you.

Samui now lives with Daryn and her family in Canada.


Bella now lives with Eugen and his wife in Germany.



We are happy about any dog or cat that can leave the island because they have found animal lovers who want to give them a home. On Koh Samui it is a daily struggle for survival for the free-living dogs and cats and not everyone is strong enough for it. We are happy to help you to organize transport to your new home.

Gourmande now lives in Switzerland with Brigitte and her husband.

Noi and Dan have been living happily with Giovanna in Italy for some time now. She did not regret having rescued her from Koh Samui.

Luke has been living with Carina for some time now in Schwebenried / Germany. He obviously feels comfortable in his new home. He previously lived at Centara Coconut Beach Resort in Baan Taling Ngam. That was a very dangerous place for him, because the management does not like dogs.

Giovanni and his darling "Baby". They are now living together in Italy.


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