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Unfortunately, most visitors see only the front part of the animal shelter, because you have to cross an enclosure to get to the back three large enclosures. Of course, the dogs are huge and jump mercilessly at the visitors. Animal lovers who are not afraid of dogs get cold feet. The shelter is more than 7500 square meters and the dogs in the back enclosures are of course particularly pleased with visits and pats.



The Cat House

Catlovers will feel very comfortable in our new cat house. As cats have disappeared from the enclosure again and again we decided some time ago to provide the fence on the wall with an exit into the big wide world. Many cats use this opportunity and take their walks. If you want to meet many cats, it is better to visit the shelter in the afternoon.





Repair work in the shelter

Of course there is always a lot of work to be done in the animal shelter, which have nothing to do with the actual dog and cat care. The plants and trees grow here at a speed you can not imagine if you have not experienced it yourself. When I came to Samui 18 years ago, I could not imagine it and made a big show when I thought the helpers might have cut off too much. Today I can see that much more relaxed and sometimes wished that we had a chainsaw. Constantly the electrical wires have to be cut free!
In unfortunately recurrent storms, big trees often just fall over or huge branches break off and bury the huts of the dogs below them. There are always repairs needed.

Storm damage in Baan Taling Ngam.

There was nothing left for us to do but cut the tree.

In our shelter in Baan Taling Ngam, this year, one of our big trees uprooted in a strong storm. He has destroyed the fence to the puppy house. Of course the puppies thought that was great. They all ran happily to have a look around the shelter.

Fortunately, with a few stones and mortar, the fence was quickly mended.

The tree gave us much more work.



First cut small, then transport away
and finally burn everything.

There were tons of wood and leaves that had to be burnt.

Our power cables also had to be freed from the branches. Our daring helpers climbed into every tree, no matter how tall, to cut the cables free again.



When new hires I now not only make sure that the new helper is animal-loving, but also whether he is skilled craftsmanship.

I only hire new employees who are older and if possible have a wife and children. Older employees with a family are also much rarer. I think women make sure that men go to work on a regular basis. Whenever enough money and helpers are there, we tile one of the dog houses again.The dogs love to lie on the cool tiles.

Some of the roofs over the dog kennels collapsed again. We had no choice but to build it anew. After all, our darlings want to have a dry shelter even in the rain.

The result is very satisfactory. Hopefully that should last for a while.

Our eternal fight against the rust.

Marcus has also taken over many repairs in the shelter again. Thank you very much!

We have also built a new garbage house in Chaweng. To reduce the odor and make it look neater.

The hedges and trees in front of the house in Chaweng also needed again necessarily a pruning.


The result looked first after clear-cutting. But not much later, everything was again densely overgrown and donates the dogs in front of the house again shadow.


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