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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • We treat and save stray dogs and cats in the island
  • Thanks to our team, volunteers and sponsors we can make them happy
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Daniela is a regular member of our big new feeding center,
drove the dump in Hua Thanon
and took care of the dogs there.
They were vaccinated, dewormed and treated medically if necessary.
If you have been vaccinated twice, we will take you to the shelter for sterilization.

Some dogs had to go to Dr. Sith be brought to the medical care.





Huge mountains of garbage have been the food source for the poor dogs so far.


At the dump a small Thai family has settled down. How they endure the stench there is completely mistaken for me. They are very fond of animals and poor, it is completely impossible for them to care for the many dogs there. We now supply them regularly with dry food and for particularly needy dogs with cans. We will try to bring as much food as possible there. Hopefully the dogs will stop digging in the trash and feed on it. Sure, they will not let go of the garbage, but maybe we can make them stop eating so much.









Of course we also had to feed lots of puppies and kittens.


We are twins






Thailand is in deep mourning for his beloved King. October 13 marks one of the saddest and most painful days in the history of Thailand: the death of the king. He was not some monarch, but the longest reigning, most revered and beloved monarch in the world, King Rama IX, King Bhumibol Adulyadej
He was very committed to stray dogs and has repeatedly appealed to his people not to buy pedigree dogs, but to pick up street dogs.

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