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In the main house of the animal home is a treatment room, which is also used as an operating room. In addition, the doctor was another small room for operations available Furthermore, there were 2 cat rooms of which one was almost not used. ,
Since the toilet is located between the doctor's surgery room and the cat room, we had to split the toilet off halfway and break through two walls to gain access to the new operating room. The work has dragged on for a long time, because the helpers always take a day off at home. Of course they do not get paid for the day off, but that does not seem to bother them much. I have repeatedly reported in previous newsletters about the work ethic of our Thai helpers. I do not want to bore you with repetitions. At any rate, fines do not help, but only harm the families. Almost all of our employees have children.
The conversion was quite expensive, because it had to be purchased 2 new operating tables, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a sliding door, a sink, 6 wall cabinets and plenty of base cabinets. In addition came the costs for the tiles and color. The water supply and the entire electrical system had to be relocated. Lots of spotlights had to be mounted.










Since our electrical wiring is more than adventurous laid and the mice have also diligently contributed to make things worse, "Buddha" Lothar sent us the right moment.



Now only the new operating tables had to pass through the little too small window
be done in the new operating room.

This is the passage to the middle operating room.

A Thai family brings their puppy for vaccination.



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