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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • We treat and save stray dogs and cats in the island
  • Thanks to our team, volunteers and sponsors we can make them happy
  • Please help us! Become a godparent
  • Rainbow Bridge: read the stories of cats & dogs that passed away

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              Jay has been with us for over 12 years and Linda and Tom have been with the team for over 10 years

Jay and Linda



The food is coming.


Are you waiting for that?


                                                              Many thanks to our temple team you are just great.


                        This is what our weekly bulk purchase of dry food looks like. In addition countless doses dog and cat food come.



Our Christmas party was also great fun again


Raffaele Sabatini (Raffo) from the Reagge Pub in Chaweng has organized a charity party for us. Thanks to him! We were able to collect 16300 baht at the party and he handed us 10000 baht as a donation.



On the afternoon of the 5th of August we made the beach unsafe with flyers from the party and of course with our flyers.
A little advertising can never hurt.

Of course, Gina-Lisa and Bobbie were there as well and a small pack from Central Bay accompanied us. Which did not exactly facilitate the action.






In March 2013 we built a new cage for Ling.

Now after 3 years, the legs of the cage are completely rusted and there was a big hole in the ground. The cage is now on the ground and the monkey must be back in its own dirt. We will completely renovate the cage in no time and of course weld together a completely new base. A helper has already started work ...
Ling's cage is located at Rockview Restaurant in Chaweng Noi next to First Bungalow Resort.
For many years, the monkey has mainly been supplied by tourists who spend their holidays at Chaweng-Noi-Beach.
The owners are often away for days and have never really cared for their monkey.
Our help is always welcome.

Please look to Ling for your vacation at Chaweng Noi Beach!



                                   We had an unexpected visit from a "little" snake. Luckily, Snake Farm is very close to the shelter.





was not so easy to put her in the box for transport
to pack Snake Farm. But luckily we have for it
a pro.

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