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Heavy storm in the shelter: A large tree became the victim and buried a doghouse under the roof.
Toto has bravely broken through a huge mountain of branches and leaves.




That was the result. A completely destroyed doghouse.


In Chaweng, too, the storm struck and killed our whole hedge.
Unfortunately, this happens every few years because it has become too big (up to 5 meters high)
and strong storms can not withstand.
Since the hedge was planted directly in front of the wall is unfortunately not prevent.
If they stand free, they can better withstand strong storms.



                                                           That was her the never-ending rainy season 2016/2017


                                    What irony the tide flushes a few water pistols to us. Soon Songkran will be the Thai New Year.
                                                                                                        A huge water fight.

Regnet es immer noch?


Das war so ca. der höhste Wasserstand. Da heißt es für die Hunde Schwimmen.





                                                                                    After the rain came the big clean


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