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The beauty care must not be missing.



The enthusiasm is always limited in the dogs.


MANDY was given to us by "masters" because he did not want them anymore. He obviously had not noticed that she was in a totally neglected state. I refrain from berating him. He at least fed them something. The man did not live alone. Of course, in the village where he lives, the dogs all walk around freely and the neighbors must have noticed Mandy !?




This is Struppi. She lives on the beach of Fairhouse Beach Resort, Chaweng-Noi.
We pick her up when needed and then she gets another haircut from our star cousin Ow.



Now it's back to the beach






Our little pack on and in front of the house in
Chaweng and the dogs in the shelter get
of course, daily feed. From the hotels the us
with their food donations are a great help.







Our little tigers are not missing out.
Also for them daily fresh rice is cooked and with
Canned food and chicken or fish mixed.
Dry food is always ready for all our animals.

In Chaweng, a lot of roots had grown into our water tank and everything was clogged
The water was freezing cold and dirty after the rainy season.
ZOO was so brave to dive into the tank and remove all roots.



The sewer pipe was clogged again.
It helps to buffle up everything.



Our "swimming pool" needs to be cleaned regularly.


Repair work in the shelter


Most buildings in the shelter are now over 10 years old and unfortunately in very poor condition. The carriers of the individual boxes are all more or less rusted through. Almost all 50 single and double boxes would have to be renewed. Of course we can not just do it on the side with our helpers and we do not have any money left. At the moment we can mend only makeshift where once again something is broken. Unfortunately, not only the boxes are affected but in the large enclosures are already several shelters collapsed and we could not do much, except to clear the debris. The Eternit roof tiles just crumble like that.

Before we could start building the huts, a lot of material had to be transported through the shelter. Everyone had to get involved. They had a lot to fight with the cement posts.

It saves you the annoying barbell.
Unfortunately, we also have a lot of work on our single boxes it rustes everything. Piece by piece we try to repair them again.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the cable ties it was very fast to finish the roof construction. Bamboo can not rust either!

This is how the finished huts look like.

The dogs were happy to be able to move into "their hut" again. In the large enclosures smaller packs have formed and the dogs have their fixed places in the huts. A dog did not leave the cabin during the entire construction and immediately sat back on his bench when we finally finished the work.


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