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A violent storm has not spared us this year.
A huge tree was snapped off and fell on our dogs accommodation.
The property has been completely destroyed.


Fortunately no dog was hurt, only their home
 was totally destroyed.


The dogs liked watching the clean-up work.


The storm required a big clean-up job where everybody had to help out!

Our bus is a perfect tool for breaking concrete parts into smaller blocks.

We have always got plenty of holes on the long way to our shelter. As the land is our own we must take care that the path stays drivable somehow.

Enormous amounts of branches and leaves were put in front of the animal shelter and burnt there.


Günter “monitors” our small fire.


In the pictures below you can see the reconstruction of the damaged home.

 We managed to do that almost in no time as the dogs need a dry space when it is raining.

Of course we do not only need helpers who take care of he animals, but skilled craftsmen are always important too. In the shelter all kinds of doors or roofs keep to be broken and many roofs must be replaced.


Our girls are tackling upcoming work as well!

It looks like the girls had a lot of fun during work.

Jana and Ivette


The dogs are patiently waiting for their new home.

Finally the benches are set again in their spots and the rains may come.


And since we had so much fun, we just built up another "doghouse" in one of the smaller enclosures.

Frank is watching the construction works


New resting benches for the dogs

This year we have placed new benches for the large dogs in the compounds. Up to now we have been able to manufacture 50 benches- unfortunately this isn’t sufficient yet; but we can only work at the benches when there are enough helpers available!

It’s a sad story that the working morale of our helpers hasn’t improved in this year either so that work only proceeded slowly.

There are never enough helpers to do all the reparation works and as well manufacture new benches.


All together 60 benches were manufactured. We have to manufacture them constantly new, since they do not last a long time.

Since the ravages of time are gnawing everywhere and every time, we have to do reparation works constantly.



The ravages of time keep gnawing everywhere and gates must be repaired continuously. Almost all the Thais are skilled workers – that’s what we urgently need for the endless repair work in the shelter.

Monti had plenty of hammering and welding on his to-do-list.

Where are the covers? Poor service in this place.

At the catīs room in the shelter most of the cats that are housed here, are waiting for their castration and go back home afterwards or stay with us in the shelter.


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