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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • We treat and save stray dogs and cats in the island
  • Thanks to our team, volunteers and sponsors we can make them happy
  • Please help us! Become a godparent
  • Rainbow Bridge: read the stories of cats & dogs that passed away

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You would not believe in what kind of little beds I can make myself fit in...

Finally let me sleep on my own!


Actually, Kathirn is really more a dog-person!

Ohh man I'm tired!

Bibi is totally in love with Blacky but he is usually not paying much attention to his cheese 'flirting'

Sometimes I help Brigitte with all the work.


Don't you think the buffalo and I have something in common?

Almost all long hair dogs arriving at the shelter first need a proper hair cut

Very often our volunteers take over time-consuming work. But if 4 people help out, things get done faster...


Hello, I'm back at the hairdresser. Afterwards I always feel very good and the annoying shower after a day on the beach is only half as bad


MÄÄ - means 'mother' in Thai

Normally I only take care for the small ones but sometimes I also let the big ones get close.

Thankfully some of the kittens have got their own mother and I don't have to take care of all of them.


I've just come back from the hairdresser - in case you don't recognize me


Helping mothers are always welcome. Some babies even got two mothers.

Patiently we're waiting for our first meal of the day which means dryFood. Of course rice and chicken would be a lot better

Breakfast in Chaweng

It's getting a little full in here...

and then we got to chill....



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