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Everytime I go down to the beach with my friends Bibi, Bonzo, Julia and Mausi, we carry an advertising poster. Who knows, it might help!


Somehow this bed is too small...but there's a solution for everything

What does she want in my bed?


And now a little gymnastic and then quickly back into the bed..


I have such a big hunger.


Werner brought me up with the bottle, I was only one week old when I came to the shelter



I have grown very big because i have drunken so much milk.

This is me when I was 5 months old (November 2012). Sarah won't believe her eyes when she'll meet me again in 2 months. Unfortunately I won't be allowed to fly to Germany with her in December, I first have to be 7 months old.

I did it! I convinced our long term volunteer Sarah to spend the next 15 plus years with me!

In January 2013 I will be flying to Germany and see Sarah again. Who wants to be my flight companion?

Sometimes we have some visitors here, love it! This way I keep getting new playmates.






The boss in the house next door is Pomelo. He's the only dog allowed to live in this house. He bites and people have to be a little careful. Since Werner has brought me up with the bottle, I am also allowed to live here in the house until i'm 7 months old and allowed to fly to Sarah in Germany. In 6 weeks!!!


Many dogs at the shelter get their daily medication - just like in any other hospital.

Also at the house in Chaweng, many dogs need their medication, which they get twice/day

Every afternooon the dogs wait patiently for Bang coming back with all the foodleftovers from the hotels. Better than any dry food of course...

The best pieces are being taken straight out of the buggets before everything gets put into bowls

Of course also the dogs living in front of the gate get their portion of rice.


Everything started harmosly...


We just snuggled a little....

And then the boys and girls got more and more touchy...

It's not easy to get on against such a big pack of dogs.....


But they really managed to get me down in the end...

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