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Giving vaccines on the beach

Thankfully animal friendly tourists are always helpful when it comes to catching the beach dogs


Taking a break on a Sunday...

Walkingstreet in Lamai

A very special THANK YOU to DJ Blair who has given an amazing stage performance at Lamai’s walking street market on the 9th September. DJ Blair stood on stage for over 90 minutes and has helped to collect a great amount of 4,900 Baht.


Our new Maid LEK is very popular. Guess why!

DAM comes 6 days/week from 09.00 until 13.00. That's when LEK takes over.

And yet another camera-team. They visited Linda and Jay at the temple and reported about their work with the animals there..



Then we went to the beach in Lipa Noi and played a little dog-catching. The dogs got excited when they saw us and came running immediately....unfortunately that's not always the case.

And of course they also filmed at the shelter.

My new best friend still is a little mangy but I like him anyway.


After I broke one leg -which is hard enough- they told me to quit my favourite thing in the world: Running through the living room and looking out for new playmates.

I don't know what you want from me. The cast won't break.

Finally I have found the right playmate

We are the five Musketeer





Picture-Time: We all have to smile and look into the camera....


Great fun on the beach! It's weekend!


Bibi, Julia and Bonzo

It was so nice at the beach. Now it's time for a bath... Well, you get used to everything after a while...

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