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  Vaccination day in Chaweng

Today we vaccinated all our dogs and those of our neighbors in Chaweng.
Many thanks to all who support us and make our work on Samui possible.


  Lucie and her friends

Maxi and Meggie visited us several times during their vacation to help us and to see Lucie.

  Visit on the dump

We also feed the dogs at the dump in Hua Thanon.


  Showertime in Chaweng

Our dogs in Chaweng regularly get a bath.


  Playtime for our Puppies

A video with puppies playing.


  Ling move in her new home

Ling has built a new, beautiful and big cage from us.



Rescue of Ling
We were finally allowed to bring Ling to Chaweng to look after her.


  Sad sight

Video with some of our emergencies we handle.



Rainy season 2016
The long and belated rainy season 2016.


Charlie´s life 2015

I was paralyzed exposed outside the door in Ban Taling Nam. Since my daily routine is as follows

Monkey Business Part 2 - March 2013

How Ling is doing today.

Monkey Rescue - February 2013

We recieved complaints vom Tourists about an abandoned monkey, who has been living alone without food or water in a cage for 2 weeks. Here is a video about what we did to help him. We will go to the monkey everyday for the next weeks to give fresh food and water to him. Hopefully the owner will turn up one day, I'd like to have a chat with him.

We found a home oversees! - February 2013

A little video of the dogs that are flying overseas to their owners. Most of them are flying to Germany and other parts of europe.


Beach Walk! - January 2013

Beach fun with five small dogs at Chaweng beach :)


The Chaweng house - Outside area - November 2011
Here is a movie about our house in Chaweng. You can see what Dr. Sith does when he visit the house (every monday, wednesday and friday 16:30-18:00). He gives free consulation and treatment for all the dogs here on the island. You can also see how the staff give injections and bathe the dogs with byticol tick wash! Of course you can also see when the staff is giving the dogs food.
Cleaning up in Compound 1 - November 2011
Here you can see all our lovely dogs that are living in Compound 1. Günter, our long term volunteer from Germany is helping the staff to clean the compound. Our big sponsor Rebekah Hope also came to visit our shelter.
One day in the entrance area in Baan Taling Ngam Part 1
One day in the entrance area (compound 11) Part 2
Here you can see a typical day in our entrance area in the big shelter in Baan Taling Ngam. Is everything from daily rutines to special cases with dogs who need the vet's attention and medical treatment.
Fish party - October 2011
We have a great fish party every evning 23:00 for all our cats and dogs in Chaweng. In this video you can see the fish party and when the cats are playing after the party!
Grooming Filtzi September 2011
Filtzi's fur was completely glued together. It was terrible! But we decide that Ow should Groom him and now his fur is shining again :)
Our cat house in Baan Taling Ngam September 2011
After we found a 3 m long Python in the cat area we decide to cut the grass! Now we can see the killer snakes easier! You can see in one of our other videos when the Python snake is throwing up one of the cats he was eating before.
Pro 7 report DRCS 2010 part 1
Pro 7 report DRCS 2010 part 2
Pro 7 report DRCS 2010 part 3

On the 2nd March 2010 and the 4th June 2010 Pro 7 sent a movie about DRCS. Here you can watch the Video.

The first and best of the shelter - July 2008
Big flood in October 2007