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March 2013

Tourists informed us a few weeks ago, about an abandoned monkey next to the Rockview Restaurant in Chaweng Noi at the First Bungalow Resort. No owner or caretaker had been seen for 14 days, we were told they had abandoned the Restaurant and no one could tell us if they will come back. In the mean time Tourists provided the monkey with food and water, however they could not clean the cage since he bites and is lightning fast. We cleaned the cage of the monkey and gave him food and water. It isn't far from our house, so it isn't a huge problem to go there every other day to check on him.

The cage is completely decayed and beyond repair. Many places are broken due to rusting, the stand that the cage used to have don’t exist anymore. Therefore, the cage lies on the floor and if it rains “LING” has to sit in the dirty smelly mud. Ling means monkey in Thai and seemed like a suitable name for him.

This is how we found Ling:

HERE you can find the video.



We removed all the garbage and the plastic bottles and softened up the ground a little and moved the cage onto a cleaner ground.


That was all we couldn't do for him that day. He now has a clean cage to live in, his own chair, some toys and a blanket. Of course we also gave him some fresh water and food.


First of all he has to get out of that dreadful cage. We have built a larger cage, with a perch and a weather sheltered area.  Here is a picture story of the new house for Ling:

HERE you can find the video from the new house of Ling.




Marcus from Germany and our Thai helper Road started working straight away and therefore started making the new cage for the monkey.





Within a few days the roof was being attached already.


The transport was funny and interesting. We needed all the help we could get.

After a few trys and changes, we managed to get the cage in place!



The first stage is behind us and we are now at the First Bungalow Beach Resort. The manager was kind enough to let us drive through the hotel complex down to the beach.


The cage had to be carried across the beach.


Do you think they will make it...?




Just when we thought the worst was done...We had to carry the cage up a hill...


...AND watch out for all the cables!

A little break to catch our breath.





We made it!!


Ling in his old cage.



The monkey was then moved to the new cage by our helper, Ow.

Ling immediately started exploring his new home and toys.


He looks attentively around his new area.

The cage is now at a different place, with a better view :)



Even the monkey gladly took a business card from us :-)


Marcus and Road, the builder of the cage.

A huge THANK YOU to all our animal friends, who contributed to the cage!




Ling’s owner has returned finally and was delighted with the new cage.

Sadly we couldn’t do any more for Ling. He will probably have to spend the rest of his life in this cage. Ling already spent 5 years in that tiny cage.

Of course, the owner is not willing to give up the monkey for adoption, since the monkey is a way to get customers.

A few of you wrote to me that we should just open the cage and let the monkey run free. That we should bring him to the jungle...The only problem with that is there is no more jungle on Samui. In the mountains a lot of fruits are farmed and the owners of the plantation would kill him so he won’t touch their fruit. They usually kill the mother in the trees to get to her babies. The babies then are sold and taken to the streets to be photographed with tourists. When they aren’t babies anymore and start to get dangerous, the owners dispose of them. Then the cycle begins again, a mother gets killed, her babies get taken and sold, the babies are used for money, etc.

The tourists are to blame for everything, the ones that still take pictures with the baby monkeys. 


You surely not want that they must suffer or die because of YOU!


MAY 2016

After tourists often said to us that our three year old cage hasnīt his legs anymore and is standing with a huge whole on the earth we immediately decidet to fix it.



Here lives the owner of the money but unfortunately

he often isnīt there.

The cage was again full of rubbish.

Tourists often gave the money bottels of water, hopefully

there is still water in it.


Because the owner hasnīt clean the cage at once we have cleaned it a few times.


Now the cage is free of rubbish.



JAA, one of our staff has fused a new  very big and heavy base for the cage.
We draged it trough Fairehouse Beach Resort at Chaweng Noi Beach to the beach.


The way to LING wouhld have been even shorter if we were allowed to go through the First Bungalow Beach Resort next to the Fairehouse.

The First Bungalow Beach Resort doesnīt like animals and the Dog Rescue Center has the order to stay away from there.




A little mountain and then itīs done!



If heīs interested he really has a nice few.






The next day theree of our helpers have cleaned the graiting the whole day as good as possible. We hoped to saw the owner of LING because with power it would have been much more easier.

Tow days later four of our helpers have painted the cage and made the new base on it.





Before they could start LING has to go out of the cage.

With some trick they get him in the smaller cage.





Everyone helped busy and of course we took colour

which is good for the rust.







Now we have to mount the cage and correct the colour at some places and then itīs finished.

At the moment it is really hot here on Samui and so on the coulour was dry very fast...

Now we have to find the right possition for the cage ...


We gave LING a blanket and a heart pillow to cuddel in his "bedroom".


At the next step they must get LING from the small cage in his "new" cage.


Yeah itīs done! LING is in his new cage!


The owners will have a look if they see his new cage!
The last days they were not seen at their
house at least during the day ...


Many thanks to our busy helpers JAA, ZO, DÜNG und DON!



LING April 2017

We have been taking care of the monkey at Chaweng-Noi Beach since March 2013.

This time it was about the fact that he has no water bowl in the hot season. He has always knocked over his.
He now has a cup that 2 helpers could hardly carry. With drain for cleaning.
If you are on Koh Samui please visit LING and feed him. Please bring water.
His owner takes care of him only very irregularly. He is almost exclusively supplied by tourists.
The cage has to be completely renovated again.


Ling/ Lucie August 2017



Here you can see a video of Lucie's move from Chaweng Noi Beach to our office in Chaweng

Rescue of Ling




Here is a video how Lucie's move into her newly built cage.

Ling move in her new home


  Ling/ Lucie April 2018


This video is about Lucie, Maxi and Meggie 3 new friends.

Our lovely monkey Lucie



August 2015 -Ling Ling needs help too


Between Chaweng and Lamai on top of Lamai Hill, coming from Chaweng, just 20 Meters before the ‘Sky Gym’.

there is a beautiful viewpoint but sadly, that is where a poor monkey lived his life under seriously disgraceful conditions.

A while ago we called him Lingling, Ling means monkey in Thai. 

Almost the whole cage that he lives in has to be renewed.

When it rains, the ground floor area of his cage gets totally covered in mud. The clean up of the cage is quite a challenge and the Thais around there show no interest to help.

Understandably Lingling is very unhappy in this cage and due to the stress of his poor living conditions he has become aggressive, on occasion he even bites.

But perhaps some of you remember that we managed this challenge before when we –thanks to your support- renewed the cage for the monkey Ling two years ago.

Having been approached, thankfully the owner of Lingling was very agreeable with our plans for a new cage and has happily agreed to the necessary construction plans.




You would never have known that there was a monkey living in a monkey cage behind all the cars, garbage and plants...



The rotten cage was situated  behind the bush. The monkey sits in this dark hole and can't even see the road.


Just in front of his cage there is a huge pile of garbage. That's how far this poor animal can see day in day out.




The bamboo poles, probably originally meant as some sort of a floor, are lying all over the place


The roof is very badly damaged and what's left of it will
probably fly away as soon as the next big stoorm hits




Two years ago we built, with your help, a new cage for Ling at the Rockview Restaurant near Chaweng Noi.

We continue to keep an eye on Ling and have planned to do the same with Lingling.


The story of Ling:you can find after Lingling...



Here is explanation of the construction of the CAGE here at our House in Chaweng:

Finally the outside structure is here. We have an a new helper who can weld. He set to work and started immediately with constructing the roof. We also have the base of the cage here at the House.

The rest of the cage had to replaced and repainted but luckily only in certain areas. Unfortunately just after beginning work on this project our helper had a motorcycle accident and so we had to wait until he had recovered well enough to continue his work.

Motorbike accidents can be common place here for the staff and as a result it can be difficult getting a constant workforce. The other aid workers have sadly , also been unable to continue on this project at the present time. That situation happens often and so it is nothing new to us and so we have to go with the flow.


Once the work re/started it progressed at a good pace As you can see the roof has a comfortable seat and Lingling can choose to be in the rain, when it rains or to get into a sheltered area if he wants to have peace.


The transport of the base for the cage was
not a problem and luckily it went smoothly.


So, the bottom of the cage was already in place.

 Nico  needed a refreshment ...

The roof was a little on the large side and
so we had to trim the tree first. But then it went really well.


The dogs of course, always find it quite exciting when there is something new to see.



The monster sized roof was finally loaded and the drive over the
"mountains" could begin.



The helpers and the car did not have much space at all.




Next to the monkey cage there was a cage for the dogs. That had to be moved away in order for the work to begin.

The owner of the monkeys made a space with his axe.






The bamboo poles were all cut to size for the roof.







Due to the upheaveal, understandably Lingling was now stressed and tired. To make the day easier for him our Manager used a light anasthetic to keep him calm and  sleepy. Because Lingling was opening his mouth and baring his teeth in a threatening manner we we able to get the anasthetic into his mouth causing no stress to Lingling at all.


It was then relatively simple and straightforward to gently push Lingling into a small box

With Lingling now asleep,  we had to move quickly and so we immediately began to remove the cage from the
the soil onto the cement so we could start our work.




We have to paint the whole cage very quickly



.Now comes the bottom of the cage and it is
welded into the cage itself.

The finished roof
is also placed on top and then welded onto the cage structure..
Everybody has to help with this.






Now it is a matter of the "Interior Design".

We have to get it right for Lingling so he has some of his natural habitat within the cage for him.
We were lucky, right next to the cage there was a tree of the right size.


We bought some very strong rope and with the tree trunk we cut we were able to make him a swing


As you can see, I personally tested the stability
of the tree trunk swing.

The cage\shelter for the dogs, that we had removed earlier
also had to be set up correctly again



When Lingling awoke from his sleep he waited patiently in a a dog transport carrier. He was hungry and so had his first banana.

We have made him his new "prison" and we hope it will be
a little more comfortable for him and a slighly less stressful enviroment for him to live in.

 Unfortunately, we could not do more for him.

We were all very pleased and happy that with a lot of hard work we managed to assemble Linglings new cage in a single day and that the color dried in time.

That was so important for
Lingling had to return back in its cage




Lingling finally has a clear uninterrupted view of his surroundings. The new small trash dump, which is in front of his cage should certainly not disturb him or block his view.

If you want to pay LingLing a visit and check out his fancy new home, you can find him on top of Lamai Hill, coming from Chaweng, just 20 Meters before the ‘Sky Gym’