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Thank you very much to Amber Kingsley for her great article about "Sights To See and Pet-Friendly Lodging on Koh Samui Island".

HERE you can find the article

15 Years Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

Jedes Jahr zum Jubiläum am 1. April wird eine kleine Party für die Angestellten veranstaltet.

Die Helfer erhalten ein kleines Geschenk. Es ist üblich in Thailand einmal im Jahr so eine Party zu machen.

Es wird gegessen, getrunken und gespielt..





Here you can find teh video from the party

Dam unsere fleißige Putzfrau
ist auch eine sehr gute Köchin



Es werden Bälle versteckt, die die Helfer dann suchen müssen. Jeder Helfer bekommt 2 Geschenke: z. B. einen Ventilator, einen Wasserkocher, ein Telefon oder einen CD-Player.

Für den 2. Ball gibt es einen CD oder Kaffee oder ein T-Shirt




Wie jedes Jahr spielen wir "Die Reise nach Jerusalem". Das gehört einfach dazu.

Düng der glückliche Gewinner



Alle freuen sich schon auf die Party im nächsten Jahr. Wir werden sicher wieder "Die Reise nach Jerusalem" spielen und wie jedes Jahr viel Spaß haben.

Ihr seid jetzt schon herzlich dazu eingeladen,
mit uns den 16. Geburtstag am 1. April 2015 zu feiern!

14 Years Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation



As every year, as a Thank you for their work during the whole year, the helpers all get a little present

On April 1, 2013 with your donations from here and from far away, we could celebrate the 14th year of existence of the

Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

Big and warm thanks for all your loyal and kind support during all these years. Every single person has his or her share in what we could and can do for the dogs and cats in Koh Samui.

Thankfully this year we were even lucky with the weather, the sun joined us and the party was a success for everybody.







Dog Rescue Center 7th anniversary party

At the 7th anniversary of the DRCS on April 1st 2006 Edgar played his songs. The helpers played "odd man out" and people as well as dogs and cats enjoyed the feast.

Dog Rescue Center Anniversary Party

For the first time ever , Ritchie presented the songs of his new album at the 6th anniversary party (2005) of the 'Dog Rescue Center' Koh Samui.

Winner of the animal protection-price from the Hans Rönn-Stiftung 2007

On the 30.September 2007 I was presented with an award from the Hans-Rönn-Foundation. I would like to thank Brigitte and Peter Bose who nominated me for this award - the price money was 3000 Euro. The event took place in Düsseldorf at the ‘Kleinen Komödchen’ and Peter read a speech on my behalf.
If you would like to see the pictures or read the speech, please click here.

Winner of the Golden Paw international price 2009

On the 13. December 2009, the Dog and Cat Rescue Center Samui received the first price from TASSO and received the proud price money of 5000 Euro.
Until now, Dr. Sith had to do all treatments and operations in one room. We have now rebuild the 2 rooms, which were originally meant to be for our vet to stay in, and converted them into a proper treatment room and separate operation room. Of course it all had to be tailed and we also had to buy a new air-condition as well as some new furniture and an operation table.
HERE you can find the pictures of the building of the operation room.


In April 2001, the former Minister for Public Health, Khun Sudarat Keyuraphan, paid us a visit. Since the reformation of the Thai government, the new ministers have tried to form close relations with the public. We had quite a bit of luck, because only a few days before the distinguished visitors arrived we got to know the most popular former Miss Thailand, Khun Bobp Areeya.

She promised to help and turned up wearing a DRCS T-shirt and spoke about the work of DRCS to the huge number of reporters present. I got the impression that, for some reporters, she was more important than the minister! Approximately 150 vets, reporters and security officers were present together with the minister.

Five TV channels had sent cameramen and many journalists from all sorts of Thai newspapers were there and gathered information on our work. Since then, we have become quite popular on the Island, because Thai people love to watch TV and saw the reports. The minister was most pleased with our efforts and assured us support from the government. The minister was not particularly interested in the number of dogs that we have already castrated, but was impressed at the number of dogs we have injected against rabies (1,200 at that point).

Koh Samui is the only rabies-free area in the whole of Thailand and DRCS has played a large part in achieving this.



This year we went to the Samui-Oktoberfest in Lamai and took part in the parade. It was great for advertisement and everyone had a lot of fun. You can find the pictures of the Oktoberfest HERE




The cost will be about 8000 Euro.
Please help us with your donation!
HERE you can see the list of all sponsors and a closer description.

MARCH 2012


MELODY- Since she got blind the owner doesn’t want her anymore.

Melody doesn’t have any chance to find a home on Koh Samui. She doesn’t feel good in the shelter because she is a dog that is in a need of human contact all the time. We found a lovely woman who wants to give Melody a good home in Germany. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money for the transport. If you want to help, please send me an e-Mail.

MAY 2012

HERE you can see a picture report about Melody in her new home.

Last update: 27. April 2013




Here you can see a movie about our lovely Melody!

She is flying to Germany soon! We would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help, support and donations. We really appreciate it! We could not do it without you!!! We are so happy to give Melody this chance and I am sure she will have a great life. Once again, if you was not here this should never be possible. THANK YOU!

Thank you so very much for the overwhelming response to our call for donations for Melody!


MELODY has arrived in Germany safely. Soon I will report how she feels in her new home.