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The cost will be about 8000 Euro.

We have got a lot of problems with our cars. It’s just rust and oxidation that hold them together! Our oldest Nissan was given to Jay and Linda so that they can continue doing their temple rounds.  The two vans have kept running quite well so far, but unfortunately the older one has broken down completely and needs a replacement engine. The cost will be about 1500 €. With this vancollects Thai every morning the helpers who work in the animal shelter in Bahn Taling Ngam. The second bus is run by Bang, our doctor’s assistant. In the evening he takes out the rubbish from the animal home and in the morning, he transports dogs and deep frozen food from Chaweng over a distance of 25 km to the animal home.  Naturally WIT himself needs a car, too, to get to the animal home and to fulfil his other tasks. As Jay and Linda have got the old Nissan we are in urgent need of a car for the daily collection of the food leftovers. Please help us with a donation: we absolutely need a new (old) car. The cost will be about 8000 €.

In case you can spear some money towards the costs of a new van, please send me a quick e-mail and I will add you onto the donor list (unless you prefer to remain anonymous of course).


Name Town Country Amount Date
Karen Witthon Twickenham UK 50 Pfund 16.12.2010
Hildegard u.Wolfgang Frankfurt GERMANY 100 Euro 02.01.2011
Elke Bielefeld GERMANY 100 Euro 12.12.2010
Kerstin Rockenhausen GERMANY 100 Euro 14.12.2010
Monika und Klaus Bispingen GERMANY 100 Euro 13.12.2010
Christel und Achim Weisenheim a.Sand GERMANY 30 Euro 26.12.2010
Nicole GERMANY 25 Euro 28.12.2011
Kathrin und Frank Köln GERMANY 100 Euro 03.01.2011
Petra Duisburg GERMANY 100 Euro 03.01.2011
Gisela Esslingen GERMANY 50 Euro 13.01.2011
Karin und Rene Volketsuil SWITZERLAND 150 SFR 18.01.2011
Petra und Dirk Hannover GERMANY 50 Euro 20.01.2011
Christopher Calgary Alberta CANADA 200 Euro 11.03.2011
Lilly Stabio SWITZERLAND 100 SFR 05.05.2011
Andrea Bergatreute GERMANY 100 Euro 14.05.2011
Saskia Wijnegem BELGIUM 2500 Euro 21.05.2011
Jolanda, Ern & Esther Pattaya THAILAND 100000Baht 28.05.2011
Im Moment (29.7.2011) haben wir etwas über 6000 Euro zusammen. Wir schauen uns jetzt nach einem geeignetem Fahrzeug um.