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  • 12 years saving dogs and cats in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • We treat and save stray dogs and cats in the island
  • Thanks to our team, volunteers and sponsors we can make them happy
  • Please help us! Become a godparent
  • Rainbow Bridge: read the stories of cats & dogs that passed away

                       077 413 490 /081 893 944 3

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Dear Animal Friends!

In case you know of a dog or a cat that needs immediate medical attention, please call us. We will then send a helper who will try to catch the animal and bring it to our vet as soon as possible.

Please stay with the animal and keep it calm until our helper arrives.

Telefon 077413 490 oder 081 893 94 43

WhatsApp 081 893 94 43

Kind regards


Outside the opening hours from 9 am to 6 pm it is not always possible to send a helper. Our financial possibilities are unfortunately not enough for a continuous night service.

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A very warm THANK YOU to Stefan for the wonderful Webpage!

Stefan und Kerstin





1. APRIL 2019



Visitors are always welcome!
The dogs and cats are always happy about petting.

Come and check out our shelter with our Puppy- and Cat House, and over 10 outside compounds. Come and find out for yourself, what we’ve been doing in the last years….

HERE you can find a link with our locations


I am very happy that you have visited the site of the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation and that you want to get information about the work we do.


Hopefully one day I can welcome you personally in one of the houses of our rescue centre.


The DCRSF team and the dogs and cats are always so happy to meet their visitors!


Enjoy our homepage and have lots of fun






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This is our recent SAMUI NEWS LETTER

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October 2019





Here you can find our last reports of our work at the temples.

























HERE you can see Chaweng-Beach live.