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Feeding Ground on Koh Samui


We made a few feeding grounds on Koh Samui.

A few dogs live at places here on the island where normally nobody comes to. Our temple team (Jay, Linda and Tom) drive every week to those places and give food and new water to the dogs. The dogs are always happy to see them.


             ... first made the feeds in the water


                     What are you looking for?





   Hmm thatīs so nice here ... But with ice in

                 the water it would be even better

                       The little one are always eating






                        Linda gives new food to the dogs



            Jay looks wheter the dogs are okay

                  or have open wounds or something else 



          ... very big piles of rubbis are the "home" of the dogs ...






                              Daniela is very lovely to the dogs there

                       and they are always happy to see her!



Hmm so good ...

The little ones are going so fast to the food

How lovely eyes the have...



Always looking that everything is clean

The monks are also very lovely to the dogs