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Dear Animal Friends!

In order to give the dogs proper medical treatment on the island, a lot of material is needed, but some of it is very hard to find here.

If you’re coming to Samui and you wish to bring a donation: Old towels and bed linen and sheets for the puppies and the cats, OLD toys for the puppies, powdered puppy milk and flea collars for dogs. We can always use these things. In serious cases of mange (scabies) - especially with puppies - ADVOCATE has proved extremely effective. Unfortunately it costs a fortune! If your vet has got expired Advocate and is willing to give it away for free or cheaply, we would be so glad to get it! For some dogs only Advocate can heal mange.

Should you have used or new collars – dogs wearing collars don’t look like strays and are very often treated better by the Thais.

However, you will have to try and get things over to Samui by yourself since we don't have people who could bring any donations over for you. Thank you

Many hotels and shops on Koh Samui support DRCS either with a monthly donation of between 5 and 25 Euro, or by allowing us to place a DRCS collection box on their premises. Click >>> HERE<<< for a list of the sponsors on the Island. Please note that not all of our sponsors are dog-friendly - they are forced by animal-loving tourists to put a donation box in the reception.