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Dear Animal Friends

We would love for you to visit us in Chaweng.

The dogs and cats love visitors!



At the moment there are 13 dogs living in our house.

Branco our Galgo,

Bibi (Poodle), Sina (Poodle), Marino (Shitzu) and Rusty (Shitzu) our 4 blind dogs.

Then we have the 4 Pinscher Gina-Lisa, Bobbie, Donat and Bonzo.

We also have Porky our Mops,

Julia and Mausi our poodle-ladies and Mää our poodle mix.

Most times we have so called 'looking-after-dogs' in the house. For example some small dogs which are waiting for their departure to another country or puppies not yet old enough to fly. Check it out and get to know our looking after dogs!

We also have something for our cat lovers. There are also about 40 cats living with us.


BRANCO (male)

My owner took my from Germany to Koh Phangan and when she had to leave the island after one year, she could't take me with her. I like living here at Brigitte and Werners house and I'm even allowed to sleep on their bed during the day.

GINA - LISA (female)

When my owner went back to Switzerland and couldn't take me with her, she asked Brigitte and Werner if I could stay with them.

Brigitte fell totally in love with me and last May I even went to Germany with them. That was amazing!

BOBBIE (male)

I was brought into the shelter by my owner. After an accident I could't walk right anymore. For almost 2 months I received lacer-treatment and Dam was doing special gymnastic with me. I never got a lot to eat from my old owner and since I'm here he hasn't even checked in on me. I can stay in the house of Brigitte and Werner and have already worked real nice on my new body shape.

I'm dead-fit now and totally in love with Gina-Lisa. I follow her around all day long.

We are both still pretty young and don't really know how this stuff works. Not this way-that's for sure. Bobbie had only been in the house for 3 months and was still pretty weak. Maybe we'll do better next time.

I'm already practicing giving milk as a mother. Brigitte said I can be a Mama one day!?

Die Begeisterung der Hunde für das Duschen nach dem Badespass hält sich Grenzen.

BIBI (weiblich)

I used to have an owner but since they never really took care of me I walked away. Some nice Thai people saved me, I was totally thin and dirty. I was brought into the shelter and Brigitte fell in love with me. Unfortunately she gave me showers- she's terribly clean! but also special food so I would put on some weight. I now live here with Brigitte and it's my job to protect her from everything and everyone. I follow her everywhere...toilet, bed room, garden.. EVERYWHERE!

Help! The flood is coming! Who will save me?


BIBI would never have her hair cut voluntarily. But as poodle hair keeps growing endlessly, we give her every now and then- under anesthetic- a summer haircut!

She has become blind a couple of years ago- which doesn't keep her from biting at all: she is snappish as ever. In the house she's moving around safely, and even on the beach only very few people realize she is blind. When I'm throwing a ball, she will run with the other dogs to get the ball first- something she only manages very rarely, as she has only got ears and nose to guide her. But she's doing real well.




Julia, Bonzo and Mää


BONZO (male)

I was dropped off at the door of the Dog Rescue Center with two broken legs. My owner didn't want me anymore. However before at least he brought me to the vet and let him bandage my legs. At the vet Brigitte heard that my owner doesn't want me anymore. But this wasn't that bad, because right from the start I got lots of food and it was best quality. At the house of Brigitte's and Werner's a was great by just tons of cats. But then they ignored me. But this was ok. But what about all the dogs! Most of them were about my size, all of them were hairy rats who eyed me very negatively. But of course I was very forceful with them, even with my bandaged legs. In the meantime I have become the love of Brigitte. And nobody speaks about a new home for me anymore. I am even allowed to go to the beach with Bibi, Brigitte's personal dog, and after some fighting I am even allowed to sleep in her bed. So far only Bibi was allowed to do so, the stupid Poodle. Bibi doesn't like to play with me, she only wants to play with the ball. Now I chase the ball too, or simply run after Bibi. When we go the beach, I am always the stupid one, because I have to swim and Bibi just stands on the board and barks. I have put on so much weight lately that the surfboard Bibi has doesn't carry me anymore. But my lady loves me! I love to eat coconut sweets. My lady too and because I know just how to beg, we usually share.But why do I get so heavy from them, some people tell me I am fat! But I think that I am very handsome. Fat and healthy. Thank God it's not possible to put me on a diet, because there are so many baby cats in the house, and they get fed all the time. The bowls here are never empty. Now they also found out that my previous owner used to tie my mouth with wire. There was a deep bloody ring around my mouth, but now the fur keeps growing back like a miracle - but unfortunately in white. When I am left alone I make a lot of noise. I don't stop barking and I cry very loudly. For hours,if needed. For sure the neighbors didn't like that very much and that was probably the reason I was dumped. But now I am sure that nothing better could have happened to me.¨ Antonio from Weinheim in Germany wants to take care of me in the future. Many thanks!

Here some very nice videos of Bonzo:
Bonzo and Love - Part 1
Bonzo and Love - Part 2
Bonzo and the fiesta of love - Part 3
Bonzo - Part 4


The videos are really funny, check them out!

Bibi, Bonzo and Julia


DONAT (male)

I was dropped off at the Dog Rescue Center in Chaweng just before Christmas and planned was that I had to stay only for one week. Now easter has passed and I am still here. Thankfully I like it here very much- especially the old dog Bibi (even though she never let's me come too close). I sleep in a proper bed and try to enjoy life, my old owner doesn't even have to come back. If I don't like something or someone I just go for the bite, people don't like it though but that's just how I am. Brigitte and Werner think I have a touch of a mental problem. I sometimes ask for their cuddles and all it takes is a wrong move and I'd go for them. Well, what do they want...? You got to be careful these days. I did the same with my old owner, maybe that's why he never came back to get me...

Meanwhile Donat is a 'almost' normal dog. He still tries to bite strangers he doesn't trust.


JULIA (weiblich)

Julia came to our place together with Romeo: her mistress didn't want to keep them any more as her new friend didn't like dogs. When I suggested that she should find herself another "friend", she didn't agree. Julia is very old and could stay with us, whereas Romeo has found a good home in the island. Julia is among the very privileged dogs I can take to the beach

Actually I'm only in charge for the little ones but i do make exceptions for the bigger ones sometimes.

Mää has become pretty fat over the years...


MÄÄ (female)

I am a really very special case. Brigitte and Werner have decided not to put me up for adoption - even though many people came to the DRCS who had wanted to take me home. That's fine for me! Because I think that it is nowhere as beautiful as here. I am the substitute mom for all small cats in the house, hardly an hour passes where I do not have any small hanging on my nipples. There is no milk, but the cats do not seem to mind.

PORKY (male)

Porky came to us because his old owner didn't want him anymore due to his mange. He is still old but with great fur and almost as round as Bonzo.


MARINO (male)

Marino is blind. Unfortunately many Shitzus have the same thing happening to them.


RUSTY (male)

Unfortunately things didn't always work out for me and life wasn't always easy. My owners abandoned me when they realized that I was a little different than anyone else. My tongue was sideways hanging out of my mouth and due to a terrible problem with my eyes, I looked like a little monster. People at the Dog Rescue Center have taken real good care of me and now -after both of my eyes had to be taken out- I live a pretty great life at Brigitte and Werners home in Chaweng.

EVA (female)

I fell from the balcony and my owner had no time to take care of me afterwards. I need care around the clock!





MAUSI  (female)

I was dropped in the jungle and had to flight for myself for several days.

I was just abandoned in the jungle and had to struggle for days in this wild nature. As I had no idea of how to get myself food, my stomach remained empty. Thanks to a pet-loving foreign lady I'm doing very fine by now. She found me in the jungle and immediately understood that I was in the wrong place and needed help desperately. She took me to the DCRS and now I'm staying with Brigitte and Werner in their house- as the darling of all the visitors.


SINA (female)

I was a pretty poor little thing when animal friends picked me up from the road and brought me to the shelter. I used to live close to the Yacht Club and didn't know where I was going. I'm blind and was abandoned. How it all happend I do not know and actually it doesn't matter anymore anyway. I settled in well at the shetler and even though I'm blind I get along just well and I'm happy to be save now.


This are the five dogs who can go to the beach:Bonzo, Bibi, Julia, Mausi and Gina-Lisa.

Bobbie is also allowed to joing the group on the beach on the weekend.