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Wir sind Paffy und Spitz, glueckliche Hunde am Strand, die von Dany vom DIVE-POINT gut versorgt verden.






Wir sind die vier vom DIVE-POINT (Chaweng), die von Dany gut versorgt werden. Hundefreunde tauchen mit DIVE-POINT!









I am often asked for recommendations regarding animal-friendly hotels.
Animal lovers don't want to be served dying dogs for breakfast for sure.
It's not easy for me to give recommendations because a change in the hotel's management can amend everything for the cats and dogs. Unfortunately the management in most hotels changes yearly and it's hard to foresee what will happen.
Depending on the manager's mindset regarding animals he will try to solve the cat and dog problem in his hotel accordingly.
A lot of the managers ask their security staff or gardeners to displace the animals or to "remove" them totally.
Sometimes this isn't easy because the animals got fed by the tourists. Unfortunately this misunderstood animal love has cost many dogs lifes in the past.
The next hotel guest might be afraid of dogs or does not like them... A guest like this won't be happy to be find a dog pack on his terrace that wants to be fed.
He will complain this to the hotel manager and the management will do everything to get rid of the dogs. Disappeared dogs can't disturb guests so there won't be complaints anymore and the manager has some peace and quiet.
It is not possible to keep the hotels on Samui free of dogs - whenever the dogs have been poisoned by a killer-manager new dogs will move up.
Most of the managers don't kill the dogs by themselves, they force their staff to do this.
As some Thais can't harm animals due to their belief they bring the dogs to another hotel and the manager there won't be happy about the new dogs as well.

The island is still full of dogs and the Thais obviously love puppies. But when the puppies grow up and arent't that cute anymore they no longer look after them.
Often dogs from the surrounding villages find their way to the beaches - mostly fed by tourists.

Please do not lure the dogs into the hotels and bungalows - only feed them at the beaches or the streets. They are reliant on you and if you don't feed them they have to search for food in the garbage which will make them sick sooner or later or they will die of hunger.

I will publish cases of poisoned animals on our homepage under "latest news".
Here are some reports regarding poisoned animals - but these are only examples. Unfortunately there are a lot more cases like these. You can read more about this in my newsletters.

At the moment the situation at the beaches is calm and the managers have become very careful.
They know that they will get a huge problem with angry animal lovers when they are catched red-handed.

Write me an email and I will try to give you an up-to-date recommendation for a hotel where animals are welcome.


HERE you can find a list of the sponsors from the Island.

Many hotels were almost forced by tourists to put up a donation box from us, therefore we got our box standing at quite a lot of hotels.

Having our donation box up doesn’t necessarily mean
they are animal friendly though.


 Some information about animal friendly hotels


Peter, the manager of the AA-Resort gave us a phone call and basiclly blackmailed us, forcing us to remove all the dogs. He threatened to have all the dogs killed if we didn’t act immediately.


The owner of Long TABLE on Choeng Mon Beach threatened to shoot all the dogs, if we didn’t remove them right away. We have saved a mother dog with her three puppies.


The manager Doeke Bonga of the above hotel has had kidnapped the dogs Max and Maxine. Max and Maxine had lived more than ten years on the Boat House Beach. We found Maxine in Meanam at a temple, but Max has disappeared for good. He was never retrieved again. After telling the manager, that I would inform everybody about his behavior towards dogs, he promised to leave Maxine alone. Nevertheless, he put up a sign threatening all the tourists with serious consequences (and the dogs as well), if they attracted dogs to the hotel premises. What he intended to say, is obvious, isn’t it?

For many years, we had had a donations’ box at the Imperial Boat House. We were forced to remove it immediately.


The manager Khun Jesse wrote me a letter saying that the dog of the hotel manager of two years back had to be removed urgently, as guests had been complaining about Thia. He writes he is very fond of animals, and that he doesn’t care about  the temple dogs which are straying around from time to time, but Thia had to go as she was moving freely in the hotel compound.


Ramona and Stefan were very much committed to find out what had happened overnight with the three beach dogs of the SAMUI PARADISE RESORT in Chaweng. The dogs had been living there for a long time. After a long series of whys and wherefores he revealed that the dogs had been annoying some guests; so he had the dogs taken to the WAT KHAO LAE temple. That’s round Hua Thanon direction Butterfly Garden. Ramona and Michael went to that temple only to realize that the dogs had never reached that place. The monk didn’t know anything either about their whereabouts. Ramona and Michael searched the surroundings, but without success.


Im Centra Coconut Beach Resort Samui in Ban Pang Ka waren 3 Hunde über Nacht plötzlich verschwunden und ein dritter wurde halbtot von Gästen des Hotels auf ihrer Terrasse gefunden.

HIER könnt ihr einen ausführlichen Bericht dazu finden.



The Pinnacle Samui Resort & Spa has kindly placed our donation box at the entrance.
We hope that the current hotel manager
Mike Moegersheimer remains as long as possible. A manager change can make a negative difference for the dogs.


Hilfe! Die Flut kommt! Rettet mich!!