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FANTA (female)


I was brought to the DRCS in Chaweng by some animal loving tourists. By that time (in the year 2001) I was three months old, very thin and – that was the worst – I was suffering from pneumonia. I did not have a good chance to survive even though the treatment was perfect. Brigitte and Werner did their best but I was too weak and died! Werner and Brigitte were shocked when they found me dead and Werner started the reanimation right away. After a short time I opened my eyes and I couldn’t understand why they were so happy. Of course it took a long time to cure me but Brigitte has promised that I could stay inside the house if I survive. And I survived and you should see me today. I live happily together with BLINDI, BIBI, E.T., JULIE, JOSIE and HUSKY inside the house. I could not imagine a better life. A few years ago a tourist wanted to take me to Germany. He was not able to understand that I am a very special dog to Brigitte and Werner. He was really angry because they did not want to give me away.


Peter from Austria was looking after me while I was at the shelter.. Thank you very much!

I was very lucky that Marcus from Werne decided to give me a lovely home in Germany. I now bark in German and the food is fabulous here! My first experience with the beautiful pool in the garden wasn't that great as I fell into the pool on my arrival day in January 2007, and it was rather cold!

OTTO (male)


I was very lucky and found a new home on Koh Samui.

During my time at the shelter, Michele from Switzerland was looking after me. Thank you very much!

MAM (female)


Good news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!


While I was living in the shelter, Aina from Sweden was looking after me. Thank you very much.

CAMPINA (female)


I was living on one of the beaches but the nearby bungalow manager didn't like me or my other doggie chums and, for some reason or other, my other doggie chums started to disappear. It could have been after they had eaten that strange tasting meat which started to appear in the evenings. Brigitte found out about this so came up and took me to the safety of the shelter - by that time, none of my doggie chums were left, only me.


After some time at the shelter I got bored and decided to take my life in my own paws again and ran away.

While I was living at the shelter, Stefan and Sally from Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.

BILLY (male)


I was living in a house with an old lady and my feline friends Pritti, Mai Tai, Tinker, Loony, Noodles and Moon. We kept our owner happy by sitting with her and purring all day long. She loved us very much but she became unwell and had to go and live with her son in a far off land. Our owner wanted to take us with her but her son didn't want that as he has four dogs. So, we were brought to the shelter where we now share our new house with lots and lots of new cat friends.


After a while at the big cathouse, I´ve decided to live my life on my own paws again.

During my time at the shelter, Clarissa from Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much. .

SABA (female)


My girlfriend Sasha and I were wandering the streets looking for food for a long time. Unfortunately, we weren’t very good at this and were always being chased away by bigger dogs and nasty humans. The south of the island is not very amenable for stray dogs as there are only a few hotels and a lot of pets which have attacked us many times. When we arrived at the temple, we didn’t get a friendly welcome from the stray dogs there. As a result, Sasha and I sustained quite a few bites but, thankfully, someone telephoned Dog Rescue. The staff from the Center turned up and give us some delicious chicken sticks which, for some strange reason, make us feel sleepy. When we woke up we were in some sort of prison cell together. There were a lot of dogs running around and playing in a big compound outside. We were given some great food and our wounds got cleaned. After a week we were released into one of the compounds. We play and fool around with the other ones now. The food is good so what more do I want?


My sponsorship is a Christmas present from Lene for her Mom Margrit in Denmark. Thank you very much, it´s a great idea.

VERA (female)


Originally I come from Hua Hin. Werner and Brigitte spotted me during a trip to Hua Hin and took me together with 3 other companions to Samui. They actually planed a simple visit to a friends place and wanted to relax on the beach. Well, they weren't really able to do that as they can't just look away when they see dogs or cats in need of help. Lucky us! I really like Koh Samui. Finally I get enough food and my fur is growing and growing. I used to be as good as naked and I was constantly itching until I got wounds all over my body. Since I'm here in Samui I don't feel itchy anymore. I guess that's because of those little colorful balls we get in the morning and in the evening, hidden inside some delicious dog food.


Alexander from Neuhof (Hessen) in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

DANY ( female ) Dany from DIVEPOINT did discover me at the streetside. (Animalfriends dive naturally always with DIVEPOINT). I was quit in a mess. Almost no fur and very thin. You can see more pictures of me in December newsletter 2006 Newsletter December 2006. After a short time I let myself be outwitted by her and she threw a planket over me and put me in her car. We went to Chaweng to the DRCS. Because I am a lovely beeing and don´t chase cats (only occasionaly when nobody sees me), I was allowed to move in the house of Brigitte and Werner. I got well fast and got castrated as soon as I was well fed enough and my fur looked good. After that I came back in the house in Chaweng. Suddenly I got a blue veil on both my eyes and got blind. I ran against everything. But already within two days I knew the house so well that I aranged myself with my handicap. After all we dogs do have a nose aswell!


Pia from Germany is now looking after her. Thank you very much!

EVE SONG (female)


Christine from Augsburg in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

KAU DAM (female)


I was brought to the shelter because I had mange and my owners thought I would pass on my condition to them. Not so but there was no persuading them. It took several weeks for the mange to clear up and I am now looking lovely and healthy. Unfortunately, my owners don’t want me back but that’s their loss, not mine. Here, I get lots of food and water and the volunteers play with me all day long.


Renate from Ingolstadt in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

LILO (female)


Rosemary from Yarra in Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

NANA (female)


After some time at the shelter I got bored and decided to take my life in my own paws again and ran away.


While I was living at the shelter, Nadine and Alan from Lachen in Switzerland were looking after me. Thank you very much.

PRALINE (female)


I used to live in a little bungalow resort outside Chaweng. Everyday some new tourists showed up. I really liked the tourists as they were often the ones making sure I had something to eat and they told me what a pretty dog I was. What nobody knew, I was constantly mistreated by the bungalow owner. For some reason he hated me. I never did anything wrong and always minded my own business. I never begged for food but was happy when the tourists gave me something. Sometimes it was really hard to be around that guy and several times I could hardly walk after he let out his anger on me. One morning a tourist witnessed how I was hit by this man and called the Dog Rescue Center. They picked me up immediately. I know live outside Brigitte and Werners house in Chaweng, got my own bamboo bed and a big male dog that looks after me. Most dogs are really nice here and we get lovely food from some hotels/restaurants from around the island every day. I feel save here and happy to be away from this person.


Veronique from Luxemburg is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

ROLFI (male)


As I've always been a pretty independent cat, I know decided to live my life on my own paws again.


During my time at the shelter, Nina and Alex from Rangendingen in Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.

SAUSAGE (male)


I'm not exactly sure why I landed up at the Dog Rescue Center. I never thought that I was a rescue case... Even though I didn't have a real owner, I always found some food to survive on and kind of enjoyed the free life on the street. I remember feeling really sick and it became hard to stand on my thing I remember is how the DRCS-people treated my wounds and gave me colorful little pills to eat. I feel pretty good now and have settled in. I have many funny playmates here at the center and the food is absolutely declivous.


Unfortunately Sausage ran away. We miss him very much.

During his time at the shelter, Ilaria and Contrado were looking after him. Thank you very much.

SHERPA (female)


Great news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!


While I was staying at the DRCS, Nicole from Zürich in Switzerland was looking after me. Thank you very much!

TABO (male)


I lost my sight and was very frightened and was running around one of the markets. The people thought I was just crazy so I was brought to the shelter. At first nobody at the shelter realized I was completely blind as one of my eyes looks OK. It may look OK but it's not. When my plight was realized, Brigitte said that I couldn't go back on the streets and must stay with her for ever. I'm glad as I don't have to run around crazy any more and I get to speak to all the visitors here.


Mischa, the admin from and is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

TUNA (female)


I was picked up in the Fishermen's Village in Bo Phut (hence my name). I was a street dog but had recently been attacked by some other dogs in the area and I also started to develop mange. Brigitte arranged for my admission to the shelter and she says I can only get out if my mange clears up, I have
the operation to stop me having babies, and I can look after myself if I go back out on to the streets. I don't care if I stay here for ever and ever. I like it here. Actually, I don't even feel like living in a shelter since I'm allowed to stay outside the gate of the DRCS. I hardly move from there but it's good to know that I can go for a loooong walk whenever I please.


Tuna likes her freedom so much that she came not back again.

While her time at DRCS Nathalie from Munich in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

VERA (weiblich)


Ich stamme aus Hua Hin. Werner und Brigitte haben mich bei einem Ausflug nach Hua Hin entdeckt und mich und drei meiner Kameraden nach Samui gebracht. Eigentlich wollten sie nur ihre Freundin Vera besuchen und ein wenig am Strand ausspannen. Daraus wurde dann nichts, weil sie nicht einfach wegschauen können, wenn sie hilfsbedürftige Hunde oder Katzen sehen. Welch ein Glück für uns! Es gefällt mir auf Koh Samui sehr gut. Ich werde endlich mal wieder satt und mein Fell wächst und wächst. Ich war schon fast nackt und habe mich nur noch gekratzt und gekratzt - bis ich schon überall kleine Wunden hatte. Aber seitdem ich auf Koh Samui bín, hat das Jucken aufgehört. Ich glaube es liegt an den vielen bunten Kügelchen, die man hier morgen und abends mit ganz leckerem Dosenfutter bekommt.


Juhu, ich habe ein tolles neues Zuhause hier auf Koh Samui gefunden:-)

Während meiner Zeit im Tierheim hat Alexander aus Neuhof (Hessen) in Deutschland für mich gesorgt. Vielen Dank!

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