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DONAT (male)


I was dropped off at the Dog Rescue Center in Chaweng just before Christmas and planned was that I had to stay only for one week. Now easter has passed and I am still here. Thankfully I like it here very much- especially the old dog Bibi (even though she never let's me come too close). I sleep in a proper bed and try to enjoy life, my old owner doesn't even have to come back. If I don't like something or someone I just go for the bite, people don't like it though but that's just how I am. Brigitte and Werner think I have a touch of a mental problem. I sometimes ask for their cuddles and all it takes is a wrong move and I'd go for them. Well, what do they want...? You got to be careful these days. I did the same with my old owner, maybe that's why he never came back to get me...

Daniela from Fulda in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



ROSIE (female)


I really don't like talking about my past. What's in the past is in the past! Now I'm here and I'm doing well. I live in a lovely new compound together with many other small dogs. It's close to the main entrance and right opposite the vets office like this there is always something going on and we never miss any of the action. Also when it comes to the food and the little chews we are usually the first ones people come to. I really like it here!

Sanja from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!




BRANDI (female)


Gracie, Sandi and I are all Mamma-doggies who lived at a little shady back yard place in Chaweng. We both had puppies several times but they always disappeared somehow. The people around there never cared much about us and we are sure that they were the ones taking our babies away. Finally we were picked up by the Dog Rescue and can now live at the little shelter in Chaweng where we are free to go in and out the way we want. There is plenty of shelter, food and water and we have been sterilised. So life is good now and we are happy here.

Kristin and David from Sweden are now looking after me. Thank you very much!






MILEY (female)


Together with my 5 little puppies I was abandoned in front of the Dog Rescue gate. Actually, I had assumed that the people in the village like me very much and not only tolerate me but that I really belong to the community. Unfortunately, this was probably not the case, otherwise they would not have kicked me out in a strange place with my little ones. Well, I have digested it by now, my little ones are fine and I'm happy here in the small shelter in Chaweng and have also found many doggie and people friends. So there was still a happy ending for me.


Mariola and Jürgen from Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!




ALIEN (female)

I was in terrible condition when I first arrived at the Dog and Cat Rescue and needed intense treatment. I was just thankful to finally have some peace and quiet and the bills they gave me made me no longer feel the pain. That was great! I'm getting a little better every day and slowly turning into a pretty good lucking cat.

Iris from Schürdt in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



GIMPI (female)


When my old owner was still taking care of me and the Dog-Rescue people provided me with some medication when needed, life was all alright. Then  my owner found himself in a lot of personal problems and had move away. The rest of the family didn't care that much about me and things turned quite bad. Now I live at outside Brigitte and Werners home and feel pretty good. My gimpy leg will always look like that but who cares, I'm happy!

Lena from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much! 




MACY (female)


We are three sister, Pisa, Enja and myself who came to the shelter when we were still very young. Thankfully the Temple-Team gave us double vaccine before they took us in. That really did the trick! While many other puppies got sick around us –mainly the once brought to the shelter without being vaccinated first, we enjoyed a great time playing around with the other puppies and are now big enough to move out. We have all been spayed and just enjoyed the first amazing run-around in this super big outside compound at the shelter. There is even grass growing here, simply amazing!

Ramona from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


KORA (female)

My sister Alexa and I grew up close to a temple in Maenam. We were two happy little puppies and had great fun with all the tourists, the monks and the other dogs. At least once/week the temple Team from the DRCS Jay and Linda came to visit and gave us strange tablets and sometimes even an injection. Of course we hated that but knew why we had to go through all that. We were basically furless, naked! Unfortunately the medicine didn’t work and things got pretty bad. When our skin started to open, we had to be brought to the shelter since nobody could really give us daily medication. It’s pretty ok here and we see Jay and Linda a lot here, too. The mange is still a big issue and nobody knows, why we are not getting better. At least the medicine we get now helps with the itching.

Tolle Nachrichten: Ich habe ein neues zu Hause auf Koh Samui gefunden.

Während meiner Zeit im Tierheim hat Susann from Germany für mich gesorgt. Vielen Dank! 



DAM SONG (male)

Story will follow soon

Kerry-Anne from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



CHANG (female)


I was abandoned at one of Samui's Temples when I was only 4 weeks old. Thankfully the Temple-Team came by at least once/week and brought food and medication if necessary. Unfortunately the huge pack of dogs at the temple never really liked me much and one day bit me really badly and I was terribly injured. Thanks to the quick response from the Temple-Team, I got help fast and survived. Today I live at the shelter and actually love it here a lot better and the other dogs leave me alsone.


Daniela from Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



CHICO (male)


I grew up at the shelter and always quite liked being here. One day I was really badly attacked by several other dogs in my compound. They even managed to break my leg! After weeks of intense treatment and care by many volonteers, I fully recovered and found my joy of life again. I only wish for a little more freedom and of course my own family...

Good news: I found a new home on Samui.

While I was living in the shelter, Holger from Heiligenhaus in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much.




ANKA (female)


I have been at the shelter for several months now, together with my lovely sister Maggie and brother Jabari. We live in the house of Brigitte and Werner and enjoying a pretty cool life. To be honest, I hope nobody will ever adopt us, we love it here and call it home...

I was very lucky and found a new home.

During my time at the shelter, Holger from Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!


OREO (female)

Me and my 6 brothers and sister came to the DRCS when we were only a few days old. The owner of my Mama were not really nice people and kept her locked up in a very small and dirty cage when they figured that she was prgnant with us. It didnt take long and my mother got really sick and it was clear that without intense care, she would not make it. Thankfully her owners finally decided to bring her to the shelter, where people took care of her and made sure that we can have a peaceful birth. Everything went well, my mother got spayed and can now enjoy a free life again. Me and my sister and brothers stay here at the DRCS and hope to find a new home one day....

I was very lucky and found a new home on Koh Samui.

During my time at the shelter, Melanie and Mirko from Fürth in Switzerland were looking after me. Thank you very much!

MONA (female)


I was brought to the DRCS by Bianca. I had a 3 cm-long wound and I could not keep it clean by myself. Maybe I would have died without proper treatment. Bianca has been supporting the DRCS for a long time now and she had even taken a dog with her to Germany. She has a dog obedience school in I am very grateful because I am well advanced in pregnancy. Everybody is so excited about the babies' arrival. Eight cats already live in Brigitte’s house. At first I was very careful and hissed at everybody. But they were not interested in me at all and walked just right past me. Strange cats here - but if there is always enough food for everybody, we can all get along! After a few days, I even got used to the four dogs BLINDI, FANTA, GOLDIE and DAISI. The dogs rollick through the house almost all day long - but we, the cats, sleep a lot during the day. And since dogs only chase moving objects, I am left alone. At night only BLINDI is in the house and is of course, is sound asleep in her bed. But anyhow BLINDI is different from all the other dogs I have known. The reason for that might be her blindness. On 3 March 2003 I had 6 kittens. After the babys were old enough, I decided to live free on Koh Samui again.


While I was at the DRCS Dorothea and Klaus from Nurfingen in Germany took care of me. Thank you very much.

GADAE (female)


I lived in Hua Thanon with my son Jonas. Don form DRCS came to pick up Jonas for treatment after he was in a car accident but Don didn't want to leave me in Hua Thanon as the people there don't like dogs. They threatened to barbecue me! So, I came to DRCS with Jonas but unfortunately he did not survive. I've had an operation to stop me having any more babies and I now have plenty of room to run around and play with the other dogs.


After a while I thought it was too boring in the shelter, so I ran away.

For the time I was in Ban Taling Ngam Angela and Klaus from Berlin in Germany took care of me. Thank you very much!

FRANCIS (female)


I was living in a small village where there were many other dogs. However, these dogs didn't like me and kept picking on me. It was really scary at times. One of the volunteers found this out and saved me and brought me to dog rescue. Thank Buddha she did as I'm happy now and don't get set upon by nasty dogs.


Kerstin from Huddinge in Sweden will take care of me. Thank you very much!

Mameau and her owner (Rose)
MAMEAU (female)


My owner brought me to the shelter with my two children, Snooker and Shampoo, because my neighbours didn't want me around and their dogs always chased me. The neighbours wanted to poison me. I was pregnant when I came to the shelter and had three kittens but they were very weak and didn't survive. However, as I was doing nothing else while I was here, I started looking after the motherless kittens in the house. I also protect them from the dogs in the house. My owner visits me every day and brings me special food. She also feeds all the cats at the shelter and she sings to me and all my cat friends.


I got fed up with all the kittens who were hanging around me. I couldn't get a moment's peace - even the kittens (and some of the small cats) wanted a share of my milk. So, I now live nearby the shelter and I sit on a wall and watch the kittens surviving without me. I also watch Brigitte as she still misses me and calls to me.

SNOOKER (male)


Snooker ran away after one week. We do not believe that he will come back, because he fears the dogs too much. He is strong and healthy and will has a good chance of surviving alone on Koh Samui.
SIRIAM (female)


I was brought to the shelter by a nice lady from Blessings Bar. She was worried about me because I had three kittens. When I went to be neutered, the vet discovered that I was pregnant again so, since this photo was taken, I've had another three kittens (Toby, Tony and Terry). I now live at the big shelter with my babies in the specially fitted cat room. I inspect all the cats who come into the hospital and make sure they are kitten-friendly.


After my babies were old enough I decided to live free on Koh Samui again and ran away.

SHOMPU (female)


I am the daughter of Mameau and you can read my story there. I am a lovely cat and I like to sit on the knee of my owner when she visits us. When my owner isn't here to cuddle me, any knee will do.


Eva from Karlsruhe in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much.

OLLI (male)


Sabine and Klaus from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

GAWY (female)


Sheree and John from Medlow in Australia are now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

TABSI (female)


I was very lucky and found a new home in Europe.

During my time at the shelter, Tina from Luxemburg was looking after me. Thank you very much!

RINO (male)


Unfortunately Rino ran away. We miss him very much.

During hih time at the shelter, Nathalie from Jegenstorf in Switzerland was looking after him. Thank you very much.


BLUEWIN (female)


Gisela from Esslingen in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

ABIBA (female)


Unfortunately Abiba ran away. We miss her very much.


During her time at the shelter, Anne and Reto from Jouxtens-Mezery in Switzerland were looking after her. Thank you very much!

SMOKEY (male)


Unfortunately Smokey ran away. We miss him very much.


During his time at the shelter, Nicole from Switzerland was looking after him. Thank you very much!

NIKKI (female)


Khun Pimchanok from Bangkok in Thailand is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

so fand man mich
ALF (male)


I am three or four years old and I had my place at the Montien-House at Chaweng Beach. As a single dog it’s not easy to live and I learned to be strong against other dogs. Often there were smaller and bigger fights, which I almost won. But one day I met stronger dogs. They were to many and to strong. After this fight I surrendered myself and I wanted to die. But the doctors from DRCS catched me with rods and an injection. I had to stay 4 weeks at the shelter and I was a very difficult patient – because I bite! Back at my place – there was new trouble. I never liked Thais and so I’ve bitten one. The people out there didn’t like that very much.. but I was lucky to get one of the less spaces at DRCS.


After a while at the dog shelter I decided to take my life into my own praws.

SWEETY (weiblich)


Ich lebte auf dem Markt gleich um die Ecke vom DRCS in Chaweng. Oft lag ich auch unter Autos. Ich wurde von Allison, die im DRCS fleißig hilft entdeckt, als das DRCS-Team einen andern Hund zum Kastrieren fangen wollten. Ich bin sehr scheu geworden, denn seitdem ich nicht mehr hübsch aussah, wurde ich auch nicht mehr gefüttert. Ich wurde oft verjagt, wenn ich um Futter betteln wollte. Ich ließ mich überlisten und wurde dann schließlich doch gefangen. Nach kurzer Zeit am Haus von Brigitte und Werner, wurde beschlossen, dass ich gleich in das neue Tierheim in Bahn Taling Ngam soll. Dort können Hunde nicht so leicht weglaufen. Ich bin dort recht zufrieden, denn die Futternäpfe sind immer voll. Ich werde nach der Behandlung gegen meine Räude später bestimmt wieder schönes Fell bekommen. Ich bin jetzt der offizielle UDOPEA Patenhund! Schaut mal in ihre Homepage: Wie ihr seht, habe ich inzwischen sehr viel Fell bekommen. Leider hatte ich einen kleinen Unfall und mir musste die rechte Vorderpfote amputiert werden. Aber ich bin jetzt wieder am Haus von Brigitte und Werner und dort gefällt es mir viel besser als im Heim. Ich habe mir einen sehr guten Platz auf der kleinen Terrasse am Haus erobert und es ist nie langweilig hier. Ich renne auf drei Pfoten genauso schnell wie vorher auf vier. Als es mir zu langweilig wurde, habe beschlossen wieder auf den Markt zurückzulaufen.


Tina an Mike aus Deutschland haben in der Zeit, in der ich im Tierheim war für mich gesorgt. Vielen Dank!

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