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TAN (male)


Since I was suffering badly from mange, people just shooed me away and I had a hard time trying to beg for food. I tried my luck at the temple Khunaram. But there were at lot of other dogs already and they did not like me one bit. A tourist, who could not stand to see me suffering, took me to the DRCS. There are a lot of dogs here too, but there is enough food for all of us all the time and my mange gets treated also. Who wants to take good care of me in the future?


Bettina from Berlin will take care for me. Thank you very much!




DAVINA (female)


Flora, Avari and I came to the DRCS on the same day and from the exact same place. We used to live in a little resort in the Maenam Area where life was pretty good for us and hardly any dogs around. We were properly vaccinated and taken care for. Then all of a sudden we were picked up and apparently only brought to the shelter to be neutered. But after the operation we learned that our little resort will be closed soon and the new owner of the land would not allow us to come back there. That's why we are still here. But it's actually quite ok at Brigitte and Werners place, always something going on and the food is first class.

Andrea from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





MAMA (female)



Wie mein Name schon sagt, bin ich eine Vollblut-Mama. Ich kam mit meinen 4 Welpen ins Nebenhaus. Mittlerweile sind sie alle Erwachsen und ich habe die Führung im Haus über alle Hunde übernommen. Ich bin eher ruhig, spiele aber auch gerne, sehr freundlich zu jedem und kuschle mit Hunden genauso gerne wie mit Menschen. Sehr klug und hübsch bin ich auch noch. Sitz ist für mich eine meiner kleinsten Übungen. Das besondere an mir ist, dass ich regelmäßig über den 1,50m hohen Zaun springen kann. Dies tue ich oft, da mich die Kindereien der anderen nerven, ich meine Ruhe brauche oder nur mit meiner Freundin Snow spazieren gehen möchte.


Katrin from Unterharching in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





CHOCKDEE (female)


I was hit by a car near a big market and was seriously injured on my head. Fortunately, animal friends immediately alerted the Dog Rescue Center and I got help right away. After a long emergency operation, I received intense care for weeks and meanwhile have recovered well. Unfortunately, one eye could not be saved, but that does not matter. I am healthy and happy and now live at the small shelter in Chaweng where I like it very much. We are well looked after and allowed in and out as we want. What more do i want......


Katharina and Tristan from Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!





CARINA SONG (female)


Sita and I are both still very young dogs and have just been sterilised. Brigitte thinks it`s very lickely that maybe somone falls in love with one of us and maybe would want to take us to Germany. So we`ve had all the necessary injections and have also passed the blood test, basically we are both ready to fly as soon as someone wants to adopt us. Until then of course we are both looking for someone to sponsor us....


Johanna from Esslingen in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





GRACIE (female)


Brandi, Sandi and I are all Mamma-doggies who lived at a little shady back yard place in Chaweng. We both had puppies several times but they always disappeared somehow. The people around there never cared much about us and we are sure that they were the ones taking our babies away. Finally we were picked up by the Dog Rescue and can now live at the little shelter in Chaweng where we are free to go in and out the way we want. There is plenty of shelter, food and water and we have been sterilised. So life is good now and we are happy here.



Greta from Esslingen in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!




LITTLEY (female)


We (7 of us) are the latest family addition to the Dog Rescue Centre. We all have been dumped in a carton box outside the big shelter when we were only 8 weeks old. Thankfully we got a good foster home until we were fully vaccinated so that when we got to the shelter, we were strong and protected enough to not get sick straight away. We are growing up fast and very soon we will be moved from the puppy house into one of the bigger outside compounds. Even though we are a little scared of how that will  turn out, we are looking forward to having a little more space and to finally be able to run around properly.


Claudia from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





BEEJAY (female)


Nobody knows where I came from - I was running around lost in Lamai, in front of all the cars, and some tourists were frightened I would get run over. Now I'm at the shelter and it's OK as there are no cars but plenty food.

Good news: I found a new home on Samui.


While I was living in the shelter, Nathalie from the Switzerland was looking after me. Thank you very much.

TURIN (female)


I’ve come and gone to the shelter three times now. The first time I just didn’t like it there so I run away. Some volunteers caught me and brought me back to the office. Thankfully I could then go to the puppy house where I really loved it. Then some funny people came along and adopted me. For some strange reason they brought me back to the shelter the very same week. Just last month I moved together with some other young dogs in this lovely big outside compound where we can run around and play all day long. I like it here and don’t ever want to be adopted again.


Melanie and Sascha are now looking after me. Thank you very much!



ZAZA (female)


I don’t think anybody knows where we really come from. Several times/year the DRCS-people take new pictures of every single dog and catn and then send a new picture to the sponsors of the animals. When they last checked through the cat house, it turned out that there were 15!!! new cats that nobody really knew where they came from. I’m one of them! Most of us came injured or were picked up from the street after an accident or attack. Once we were healthy, nobody claimed us and so we got vaccinated and got to stay at the big cat house here in Baan Taling Ngam. Now it’s time to be registered and we finally have the chance of our own sponsor……..

Grit from Mainz in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

FELICITAS (female)


I’m a lovely affectionate cat with a beautiful soft fur. My master was constantly worried about me whenever I went for one of my independent walks. Dogs kept chasing me and often I could only just escape from them. This had to have an end and so I was brought to the DRCS and after I was sterilized I was allowed to stay at Brigitte and Werner’s house. I liked it here straight away and snuggled up in their bed for days. In the beginning I was very scared of the dogs in the house but I´ve been trying to avoid them and so they leave me alone. I get along very well with most of the other cats in the house.


Ulrike from Magdeburg in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



KISHA (female)


My sister Alicia and I had big hopes to get adopted while we were staying at the puppy house in the DRCS-shelter. Unfortunately nobody showed any interest, we believe it had to do with the mange. We are not so picture-perfect unlike some of the other puppies who found a home. Never mind, now we live in a outside compound at the shelter with many other young dogs and it's actually quite cool here.


Babsi and Martin from Sauerlach in Germany adopted me and took me with them to Germany.



CAROL (female)


We came to the DRCS when we were 6 little puppies, mangy and sick with all kind of things. We were brought into the puppy house where we settled in fast and ate our pills every morning and evening. Unfortunately nobody ever wanted to adopt us because we didn’t have a nice fur and needed special care. Now we are too big for the puppy house and were moved into the teenager compound. Thankfully it is right next to the puppy house and close to the main entrance so we still get to see all the action.


Dave from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


DAM (female), Temple: Wat Nah Pra Lang


We started the Temple Project in 2007 and it has proven to be a big success. Hundreds of dogs and cats in the temples around Samui have been treated without being removed from their familiar environment. No-one really could have predicted just how big this project would become, or how expensive, we currently deliver over 1000kgs of dry food a month, not to mention the costs of the medicines and vaccines we require to ensure everyone stays healthy. We (DRCS) are already suffering financially just to cover the everyday costs of running the shelter, so the additional money needed for the temple project is giving us cause for concern. You can help us keep this important project alive by sponsoring one of our many resident temple dogs. With your help, we can help, by keeping them healthy, happy and safe. With your help they won’t have to rummage the garbage for food or fear for their lives on the street, they can live within the safety of the temples and be checked and well provided for by our dedicated project team every week.

Maren from Mannheim in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



AKKI (female)


I was brought to the shelter because I was almost naked. Of course, I was to be castrated as well. However, since I wasn't very strong they waited with the operation. After I had spent a lot of time in a singlebox and my fur had grown back, nobody could find my admittance card. No one could remember where I had lived on Koh Samui before. As I had waited in a singlebox for so long (and I wasn't a criminal) they had to find a solution. The solution was easy. They opened the door of the singlebox and I jumped outside. Now I live in compound no. 10 with many other dogs. It is the most beautiful compound and I hope that the helpers won't remember where I come from. I won't tell them. You can be sure about that. The food is very good and there are many pals to play with. What do I want more?!

Good news: I found a new home on Samui.


While I was living in the shelter, Lyn from Australia was looking after me. Thank you very much.



LUIS (male)


I was suffering badly from mange and came to the DRCS with a large injury on my back. Since the treatment took ages, nobody can remember where I come from. What a bit of luck for myself! I am allowed to stay! There are far too many dogs here, but I get along nicely and I do not want to go back to street life, that's for sure.


Dominik from Germany will take care for me. Thank you very much!

IRA (female)


I was caught for sterilisation by one of the DRCS helpers. I was very skinny and had diarrhoea, so I had to stay in a single box for a long time. One day I got hold of my admittance card and chewed it into small pieces. That was fund and the helper who was responsible for cleaning the boxes and dispensing the medicine wasn't very worried about the disappeared card. Brigitte was very upset that my card was gone and that nobody could remember where I came from. So, I could stay in the shelter. Where should they bring me? I am still a little skinny but the regular food is helping a lot.


After a while I found it too boring in the shelter and ran away.

While I was living at the DRCS, Anke from Boppard in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

MELODY (female)


Stephanie from Viersen in in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

AMY (female)


I am Amy. Beginning of June 2006 I was hit by a motorbike on Chaweng Beach Road. Nobody helped me but I have made it in front of a pharmacy with my injured leg. I grew up with one of my brothers on the street but the passed few months I was alone. I don't know where my brother is. After I had found a place in front of the pharmacy, one day two animal loving tourists came up to me: Andrea and Tobi from Germany. I was very happy to see them and wagged my tail like crazy. At first I didn't know what to do with these sticks they gave me, but after a while I realized that it was something delicious to eat. After that, they came every day and took care of me, cuddled me, and gave me something to eat. One day, Tobi lifted me up from the ground and we took a taxi together with Andrea. When we got off, it was quite a hike to the DRCS, but Tobi carried me all the way, since I was not able to walk with my injured leg. That's how I came to Brigitte and Werners' house.


Andrea from Essen in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

ROMA (female)


Ben from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


A nice Italian couple initially wanted to take me to their home country. They brought me to the DRCS and I was supposed to be send to Italy four months later. They had given me a red collar so nobody would send the wrong dog. The couple had spent their holidays on Samui and let me sleep on their terrace and fed me. I have accompanied them all the time. We had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the address was wrong and they had never called again.





METTI (male)


I have been at the DRCS since I was a very little puppy. We were abandoned in a carton box on a very busy road somewhere outside Nathon. We were all running around in the middle of the road when some animal friendly Thais saved our lives. They stopped the cars, picked us up and brought us to the DRCS. My sisters have already found a home when they were about two months old. I have settled in well here and love playing with my doggie and volunteer friends! Metti found a new home in Germany, he lives with Oliver in Bielfeld.


While I was living in the shelter, Silke and Melissa from the Panketal in Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much!



Good news: I found a new home on Samui.


While I was living in the shelter, Petra and Gerd from Allensbach in Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.

AILANA (female)


Ursula from Mainz in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

RAIN (male)


Great news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!


During my stay at the DRCS, Jessica from Sweden was looking after me. Thank you very much!

REX (male)


Great news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!


During my stay at the DRCS, Jan and Simone from Essen in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

LILLY (female)


Tatjana from Winzendorf in Austria is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

NORKA (weiblich)


TEXT folgt in Kürze

GURU (male)

In the afternoons I always walked to Ringstreet outside of Meanam. I watched the passing cars and motorcycles and hoped that they would throw some food to me. Sometimes I was lucky. Apparently I looked so terrible that animal lovers contacted DRCS. Anyway, one day a car stopped. It had a very strange dog smell. I did not trust that situation and kept my distance. The Thais put a bowl with great smelling canned dog food down and disappeared in their car. I gulped down the food. I don’t know what happened but I became kind of sick and did not care anymore about what happened to me. The Thais got out of their car and put me into a cage. I was taken to DRCS and treated for my various diseases. I was suffering from malnutrition, had bad mange and TVT, a very sincere tumor illness. The tumor illness had bothered me for a long time. I was constantly bleeding from my penis and it was hurting. In the meantime I feel great. I recovered completely and am living now at the sanctuary in
Bahn Taling Ngam.

Catherine from Canada is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

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